Unfurling and unravelling convoluted structures.

Unfurling and unravelling convoluted structures, this essence has a radiating and expanding effect. Helps to unravel thought/ancestral structures that have become bound within the vibratory structure of your DNA.

This magnificent flower grows next to natural waterways, ponds and lakes, unfurling from a tight bud to reveal a trilogy of bright yellow petals which stand proud on their tall, strong stems. Relating to the Divine Trilogy of subconscious, conscious and super conscious minds, the frequency of light in Yellow Flag Iris expands consciousness such that tight and restricting structures begin to loosen and open up, offering the potential to sense what is beyond the restrictions of complex holding patterns. Restrictions are often lodged in the subconscious.

The vibration of Yellow Flag Iris relaxes complex holding patterns, opening up the space in which to hear the super conscious mind – often called one’s Higher Self.

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