Helping women engage with their innate wisdom which they may have put aside – or never connected with – for them to live the truth of who they are.

Menopause is 'their time'. In tribal and indigenous cultures this stage of a woman's life is sacred and revered for the woman coming into her full power, her full wisdom. It truly is a time of celebration of womanhood on a personal level and as the 'wise woman' within who calls to be expressed, with an uprising of (heat) energy from root to crown and into the galaxies, a calling to be connected with the Great Spirit of all life everywhere.

Combining the essences present in our Autumn Equinox Flower Medicine Wheel, Wise Woman Menopause is a call to wisdom and a release of suppressed anger, for intuitive, creative expression to flow. It is for self reverence and respect of one's own life experience. For women to embrace inner wisdom, intuition and passion to voice their truth.

Contains: Apple Crown, Aquilegia, Borage, Cosmos, Crab Apple, Crocosmia, EarthWalker, Goldstrum, Ostrich Plume Aster and Pink Dahlia

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