For conflict. Understanding all points of view.

White Rose essence helps you see through the eyes of purity, beyond conflict, to understand all points of view.

Just as there are layers of petals in this rose which unfold over time, there are layers within any conflict that have been built up over time (perhaps over generations) to become ingrained in our personal/collective psyche and which are often resistant to change.

Conflict binds and oppresses. White Rose offers a vibration of freedom, “surrendering to Source” all that is in conflict between human mind and Soul forces.

Our thoughts are our own, and we can free ourselves and our world through liberating our minds into new perspectives and new ways of thinking about old perpetuating problems and pain.

This essence brings the opportunity of fresh thinking, melting frozen, hard lines of pain which we have adopted from generations past without even questioning how they resonate with our own Soul forces. Before we know it, we have lost touch with the Soul forces that guide us to freedom, and have become immersed in the painful thoughts of our predecessors.

For pain, headaches, racial tension, ingrained points of view, conflicting opinions, rigidity, tightness, hard lines.

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