“It's stunning!!! Beautifully written, lovely story and wonderful illustrations. You have a wonderful way of telling the story. Can’t wait for more.”

“It’s foxyfabtastic! Well done!”

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“What a delightful little book. A charming tale.”

“It's gorgeous. So well written and the illustrations are wonderful. It has a lovely message for children within a well thought out story.”

“Beautiful book from a beautiful person with an awesome soul!! Thanks Shelley we LOVED it! Brightened my day. I found such deeper meaning and layers reading it the second time also. Looking forward to a third time now. I'll be recommending it to parents who want to explain the wisdom of nature to children.”

“The amazing Shelley Sishton has written this beautiful book. Highly recommend it. It will delight anyone who loves the magic of nature.”

“Got it! Read it! Loved it!”

“It has left a really peaceful lasting impression on us.”