I have three active border collies. And during the week we look after our neighbours two collies as well. As working dogs, they are used to running 75 miles a day. So short walks won't do for border collies. At least not if you want to nurture their spirits to thrive. So each morning and evening (in Winter evening is as dark falls) I walk in the plentiful countryside around us with different combinations of collies from our pack.

On rising, I love to check in with my collection of many hundreds of essences. It is a natural part of the day for me. A peaceful and graceful start, acknowledging the potential of a new day by greeting the extraordinary energy and sacred presence of nature's healing codes in the many bottles in my office/consulting room. Then it's time to get ready for the first dog walk of the day, straight out before breakfast.

More often than not I take a single essence with me on the morning walk. Whichever one sings out to me in the moment, along it comes. This morning it was Purple Viola. Yesterday it was Completion, one of my Spa Transformation Essences. The day before it was Spring Light.

If I feel I need to, I read about the essence before going out for the walk, so that I have in my mind the qualities the essence is offering me to engage with consciously. Purple Viola is the Shaman’s flower, to see beyond illusion and current conditioned parameters of the human mind. This essence attunes my senses to the wisdom of nature and the great connection of the natural world.

I take the bottle of essence with me. When I am out in the fields, dogs running free by the river, I take a few drops and walk. Each dog walk is just over an hour. And during that time I take a few drops of the essence as many times as I am guided to. I allow my attention to flow where it wants to go. I do not 'force' myself to make any connections with the essence, to have any revelations or enlightenments about questions I may have in my life at the time, or things I am looking for help with from my 'unseen' helpers. I simply enjoy the walk, the time in nature, the freedom, the peace and the space. And watching my dogs do the same.

There is something about engaging with an essence in this way that feels very sacred. At least it does for me. Nature's healing library is infinite, and contains all that humanity needs to deal with life and to manage ourselves perfectly on this planet. Walking with an essence in nature expands my senses to hear, feel, imagine, 'be' myself beyond the grand illusion of what I see in the world each day. It enables me to strengthen my connection with what IS real, with my own spiritual essence through this deepening connection with the essence of nature.

My 25 years of personally and professionally working with essences has shown me I no longer need to 'work out' what the solutions to my perceived issues or problems or life patterns are. The beauty of essences is that they lift your vibration closer and closer to your own essence, to Source essence, and in doing so, you naturally feel the answers. They come to you in Soul time, not mind time. They reveal themselves so that you can become more of who you are and less of the other people you have often been conditioned to be in order to fit in to this world. Fitting in means stifling your own essence, shrouding it, smothering yourself under the weight of expectation of others. I personally did that for the first 33 years of my life until my body shouted so loudly I had to listen.

From my mini medicine walks with essences I do get revelations, answers, deeper understandings. Not necessarily on the day I have walked with that particular essence. Purple Viola may resonate a message to me through a dream, a conversation, something I watch on TV a few days later. Walking with essences in this way is like sowing seeds of enlightenment. Purple Viola will sow her seed of revelation for it to sprout into my consciousness when the light conditions of my life are bright enough for me to hear, see and feel it. Completion will talk to me in the way I feel something 'is done, finished, sorted'. And Spring Light opens my senses and sight to new horizons and perspectives, to feeling motivated and focused without forcing it. It 'sheds light' on situations for action that is in perfect alignment with my own essence to become totally clear.

Enjoy your mini medicine walks with the essences that call to you each day.


When my Completion essence calls I know I am dealing with the end of a cycle of something, an ending, the completion of a transformation, and that I am creating a new space for new beginnings, carrying with me the learning and wisdom gained from the cycle - an imprinting of Universal wisdom - and am moving forward with confidence. It may be anything from the ending of a way of thinking that has been weighing me down, to the sealing in of 'new light', a new perception or perspective that has arisen from the consciousness of my Soul.

Spring Light is about moving on from heavy, stagnant situations, mindsets, people, places or environments which you no longer resonate with, but you cannot see a way forward from/see a way to leave. Spring is the season of new growth, of energy rising, of cleansing, and Spring Light essence helps you come into alignment with the new Spring energies seeded in our Earth and imprinted in this essence, inviting us all to move on and embrace a new consciousness for life to evolve. It is an essence to help initiate creative projects, for 'creative block', for lack of passion/drive/focus, it helps you 'get moving'. (And it really does!)

Spring Light

Here's what I do. And I invite you to do the same. It's like a mini medicine walk.

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