For travel of all kinds, anywhere. To feel safe, grounded not scattered, clear and bright.

I asked myself how I wanted to feel when flying the 24 hours to Australia (my country of birth), and put this blend together based on these words:

Safe. Grounded. Focused. Protected. Clear. Bright. “Together”. Organised. Immune. Dealing with change easily. Breathe easy.

I use TravelSafe when travelling anywhere I want to feel like this. Sometimes I use this essence when going to London for the day. Or driving from Kent to The Midlands to see family. Whether it’s a 2 hour or 24 hour journey, I feel supported by the energy of this blend.

TravelSafe contains: Amazing Grace, Clarity, Dandelion seed head, Hellebore, Light Pink Rose, Monkshood, Oxeye Daisy, Pink Bells, Release, Rose Hip, Shield & Protect, Umbrella Cherry, White Violet, Yellow Crocus

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30ml Stock Essence