The Wisdom of Flowers Posted March 2017

Flowers bring us so much more than just their magical beauty and intoxicating scent. Hidden within the unique design of every flower is a sacred and secret language along with ancient healing wisdom that the world is now waking up to.

You may think that it’s you who is choosing the flowers you like. Well just maybe it’s the flowers who are calling you to them.…

Every flower has a unique energetic signature, known as the ‘essence’ of a flower. If you could hear this essence, it would sound like a beautiful musical note, distinct to the flower. Put a bouquet or a floral display together and you create a symphony of energy playing gracefully and especially for you. Introducing this energy into your personal energy space or into your environment (home/work/ceremony space) has the effect of ‘changing the tune’ of what is already there, making it feel better, lighter, more magical, in a very subtle way.

The knowledge of Flower Essences was once part of life, and still is in many parts of the world today. (The dictionary meaning of “essence” is spirit, core, real meaning, quintessence, fundamental nature.) But the mystery and wisdom of flower essences as an ancient and respected healing art became lost in the Western world as humanity has gone through so many changes down the centuries.

This ancient art acknowledges that the shape, colour, size of a flower, number of petals, scent or no scent, whether a flower loves sun, shade, dry or wet conditions all have meaning and is collectively referred to as The Doctrine of Signatures. Add in the energetic signature or essence of the flower, and nature’s hidden healing language starts to be revealed. For those who take the time to observe and study this language, every flower is known to offer us a multidimensional healing message.

Flower Essences in recent times.

Brought to life again in the Western world in the 1930’s by Dr Edward Bach who created the Bach Flower Remedies (of which Rescue Remedy is best known in the UK), today there are flower essence producers all over the world working with the healing language of nature. Together they bring forth a global community of flower essences, offering the world a simple yet profound way to deal with the myriad of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual stresses and changes we experience in 21st Century life.  

In a world searching for peace, flowers show us the way.

It is not just because flowers look so beautiful, or have a scent which momentarily takes us to paradise when we breathe it into our senses that captivates us. They carry the healing signature we need - the missing frequency of wellness we are seeking somewhere in our lives. They call us to them with a reminder of the wellness already within.

The tradition of involving flowers in ceremonies is ancient in itself.

Used in ceremonies all over the world from births e.g. Australian Aboriginals dig special birthing pits for new babies and fill them with Boab flowers (a flower which releases negative ancestral patterns and engenders positive life force); to weddings where the rose holds the key to the heart and unconditional love; to death, where many cultures believe the energy of flowers opens the way for the soul to pass over and find the light path; to creating sacred space in Balinese Temples with lotus flowers for meditation;  to blessings for peace by Buddhist monks who create flower mandalas as representations of Universal peace on Earth.... there is another dimension to choosing your flowers. There is deeper meaning to why you are choosing star gazer lilies or pink roses or daisies or white orchids.

Knowledge of the essence of a flower brings a whole new dimension to creating a bouquet or arrangement. And a whole new meaning to giving flowers as a gift, or having them for your ceremony or celebration.

Flowers connect us with ancient wisdom that lives beyond time and mind.

The essence of you already understands nature’s sacred and secret healing language. Flowers speak a language your soul understands.

How wonderful is that!

Some garden flowers and their essence meanings:

Light Pink Rose White Rose Oxeye Daisy Sweet Pea

“Heaven sent.” For anxiety. Its gentle pink colour and soft petals draw your attention to focus on the beauty of life and away from destructive, chaotic forces. This essence is heaven sent to clear the heart and mind of anxious energy.

Oxeye Daisy essence helps us to become still and tune into a larger perspective. The golden yellow centre of daisy is a safe place from which to view all of life while maintaining a balanced and centred connection with our inner being, in order to see new horizons from a place of stillness.

For conflict. Understanding all points of view. White Rose essence helps you see through the eyes of purity, beyond conflict, to understand all points of view.

A delicate flower with a powerful scent, Sweet Pea essence graces us with a deep sense of delight and joy, drawing our attention to be lighter, more playful and to appreciate life in the moment. A flower, and essence, to make you smile and feel good about yourself and life.

Flower and Vibrational Essences are the energetic imprint of flowers and nature in water.

They are not the same as essential oils as they contain no physical aspect of a flower or plant. Flower essences can be used topically on the body, in spray misters, added to drinking water, bath water, face and body creams as well as being used in drop form and taken under the tongue as flower therapy for complete well-being.

“Simple to use yet profound in action, flower essences are stepping on to the world stage as an incredible way to help people, animals and environments feel happier, more peaceful, to experience a greater sense of general wellbeing and be able to manage the stresses and strains of 21st Century life. More than this, flower essences open us up to wisdom that resides within us all - the wisdom of ages that is timeless, is not bound by politics or society, and knows the way of peace, courage, health and happiness.” Shelley Sishton

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