Summer solstice, and slow growing flowers.  Essences for June 2018.

June is a wonderful month in the UK. Day breaks begins around 3.45am, and darkness finally falls around 10.45pm. Our oldest collie, Sasha, often needs to be up early, and being in the garden with her just after dawn is always a very special energy.

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Our main pond at dawn, a beautiful place to meditate with nature.

Essences for Imbolc and February 2018 Listening to Nature Blossom time again!

We have noticed all of our flowers seem to be slow growing. But not really. All of nature around our planet is connected. As it is with the nature of every galaxy. There are no boundaries in nature. No defining lines. Just a seamless flow of intelligent energy. It is like a wave of wisdom which flows for eternity, ready and waiting at any time for us to tune in and find the answers we seek to what is going on for us, or somewhere else, and why. When we can all work with nature’s awesome intelligence, understand it better and learn from it, our problems will be solved.

Flower essences in bloom

Our garden flower farm where our English Garden Flower Essences were created is coming into full bloom. The very cold and snowy start to spring has meant that some flowers that were peaking at the solstice last year are only just beginning to open from bud. And our annual flowers – cosmos, borage, nasturtium, calendula, snapdragons and many more – which were sown around the spring equinox, have obviously had their own knowledge of when the right time to come into full flower will be this year.

Borage and cosmos growing on the flower farm, see their essences below.

Solstice posy created with flowers from our garden farm, including Lady’s Mantle, our essence for intuition and to tune into nature’s finer frequencies.

This is the beauty of essences. Each one, co created with nature, captures a huge data bank of knowledge. When introduced to our own energy field, it helps to refine, rebalance and restore our correct ‘modus operandi’ which has become corrupted through too much time and energy focused on the frequency of world thought.

A dragonfly, newly emerged from larvae on the solstice. In the Medicine Cards, Dragonfly is the totem for illusion, to remember what is real, and to see beyond the illusion of world thought

The flowers and nature in our garden understand there is a perfect time for them to flower, which is in alignment with all of nature, everywhere.

It is the same for us. I call this the seed timing of the soul. The seeds of wisdom we sowed in our own soul garden before birth lay dormant in readiness for the right conditions to bloom. There are seasons for our soul, just as there are seasons for our nature on this glorious Earth. We cannot force the seasons to unfold before they are ready. Same for us. Our own essence knows the ultimate timing for each soul seed to bloom. We cannot force a flower to open before all the conditions are in alignment for her to do so. When we force and fight and struggle our way through life, we are fighting against our own soul timing.

The dragonfly’s wings spread ready to fly. Dragonfly is the gift our beloved collie Basil gave us when he died. A dragonfly flew in and out of the lounge where he lay for the last 2 weeks of his life. Whenever we see dragonfly, we remember him, and his message for us to see beyond all illusion.

Olivia Rose Austin in full bloom in the garden.

Summer is related to the Fire Element, peak energy and peak light. The time when seeds sown have had enough light to come to life and bloom in all their glory. Flower essences, and all essences, feed us with the wisdom of nature to remind us of our own innate wisdom. Aligning with this wisdom takes our focus from world thought to the seed energy and universal timing of our own essence, to think, feel and create life in harmony with the potential stored in our own soul seeds.

For June, we have a selection of essences which were created around the solstice and this time of year. Using essences in season has a particular potency and resonance, creating a divine connection with the devas, nature spirits and Mother Nature of all life everywhere. Click on each picture for more information and to buy.

Solar Power

Solar Power Created on the summer solstice from our Sun, Moon and Seasons collection For exploding and obliterating life patterns that persist and resist out attempts to change.

Magenta Rose

Magenta Rose To bring you home to yourself, when you have spent years (lifetimes even) being who you were told you should be, rather than being and living your own essence.

Light Pink Rose

Light Pink Rose Heaven scent for anxiety. Our best-selling essence.


Borage is the star flower, an essence offering a light-hearted reminder of home, especially for sensitive people who feel they have crash landed on Earth by mistake!


Cosmos For inspiration. To see and feel the big picture.

Pink Water Lily

Pink Water Lily is a potent light catalyst.

Purple Campanula

Purple Campanula attunes the heart to temple resonance. This flower essence holds the frequency of the Violet Flame and deals with karmic patterns.

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