The blessings and gratitude of Nature for those who work with it. To know we are never alone.

This essence was created on the Summer Solstice weekend 2015.

Summer Blessings offers the blessings of garden flowers, bees, colour, scent, peak light, full blooms, full energy, the abundance and gratitude of Nature, as an essence.

Nature is so generous with us on this planet. We take and take and take. And Nature still blooms for us in all her glory. Thank goodness so many are now waking up and the wave of change to stop this constant taking is underway. Nature is very grateful indeed for anyone who takes the time to listen, to work WITH Nature, to honour what Nature has to share with us. We are never, ever alone. Nature is full of unseen workers and helpers who are ready and waiting for us to co-create a deep and lasting working partnership to help humanity evolve.

Nature offers this essence as a blessing and in gratitude for all those who work with Nature, who co-create with Nature, for the continuing journey of change on planet Earth.

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30ml Stock Essence