Spring Flower Wisdom

Here are just some of our Spring Flower Essences which are powering into life in the garden now:

One of the first flowers to appear to signal that the dark days of Winter are coming to an end. If there is something you cannot quite hear, or understand, or you are looking for the answer to something, to understand a pattern of life, to ‘see’ something just out of sight, Snowdrop can help. Snowdrop is the essence of revelation, revealing whatever it is you are asking about/looking for/that which you cannot quite ‘see’. This essence shines the light of Truth for the truth to be revealed. Snowdrop shines light on the truth of a situation or matter in hand for higher knowledge to flood consciousness, illuminating the crown chakra like a flower lantern being held over your head.

Snowdrop Yellow Crocus

For decision making, for maintaining a steady focus without being distracted, for clarity to see what is your stuff and what belongs to others. To hold focus and concentration, maintaining a steady course without being distracted.

Yellow Primrose

A light, jolly, joyful fizzy energy to this flower. “Come out from the shadow into the light. Take the stage. Off you go. I’ll support you to have FUN.” This flower takes you WAY above all the yatter chatter and rubbish energy the mind insists on repeating to get on with the job – to ‘get over yourself’, to get on with life and get out there with your message.


A bustling, bursting, energetic flower, loving the light of Spring and showing itself in all its frills and beauty. This flower sings ‘Take me as I am.’ The essence of Camelia helps us accept ourselves as we are, and empowers us to BE who we are. To be uniquely Yourself. If you are not being uniquely you, then who are you being? This flower deals with exactly this. Being Yourself. Wherever, whenever. Whoever you are with.


Trumpeting the new dawn, new light, new energy, fresh ways, light from dark, new from old. To spread your wings back and take off. To go travelling to outer dimensions and remain grounded. Daffodil essence helps you fly away from grunge, to take off and head for the outer reaches of the galaxy. It is a powerhouse of energy to blast through the detritus of lower vibrations, to go travelling to outer dimensions and remain grounded. Also a good essence to use when you need to ‘take off’, for example when starting a project, when beginning a career, a new job, moving to a new location.

Purple Crocus

This essence helps you understand being part of the whole as a fragment, and to understand time from the perspective of the whole, working in HEART TIME. Whatever you are experiencing in life, there is a time for its unfolding, action, outcome, ending, healing, beginning, that is in perfect alignment with HEART TIME.

White Violet

For immunity. To be impervious to the effects and energy of mass consciousness. Immunity from world thought. Our thoughts affect our nervous system which in turn influences the state of our immune system (known as the science of psychoneuroimmunology). The more we become immune from what the world is thinking, the more space and freedom we have to develop our own clear, pure thinking in harmony with Divine Mind and the stronger our own personal immunity becomes – at all levels of existence.

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Posted March 2017

Have you ever thought about the colours of Spring flowers?

White flowers tend to appear first (e.g. snowdrop) – holding the energy of all colours of the rainbow, white illuminates the darkness, symbolising white light/pure consciousness, freshness and new beginnings. White flowers resonate with the higher chakras above the crown, to lift our point of awareness above the mundane.

Yellow flowers (e.g. crocus, daffodil, primrose, dandelion, celandine, gorse) bring sunlight to lighten and focus the mind, cleanse the body, remind us of our personal power, bring joy. Yellow flowers lift our spirits out of depression and call us closer to the centre of our being.

Pink flowers (e.g. camellia, blossom) resonate with the frequency of the heart, inviting us to express our true selves.

Purple flowers (e.g. crocus, purple viola, purple violet) resonate with the crown chakra and pineal gland – the seat of the soul. Purple opens us to higher inspiration beyond the thinking mind and reconnects us with the mind – and complete wisdom - of nature. From here we gain greater perspective and can feel more connected and at peace with life, ourselves and the planet.

All flowers lift our awareness out of the mundane to view life from the grand perspective of our Soul which flies like and eagle and can see new horizons which are blocked from view by the clutter and undergrowth of everyday life and destructive mutterings of the mind.

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