Revelation. To bring into consciousness that which is just out of sight. To ‘get something’ you cannot quite grasp. To reveal the truth.

If there is something you cannot quite hear, or understand, or you are looking for the answer to something, to understand a pattern of life, to ‘see’ something just out of sight, Snowdrop can help. Snowdrop is the essence of revelation, revealing whatever it is you are asking about/looking for/that which you cannot quite ‘see’.

This essence shines the light of Truth for the truth to be revealed. Snowdrop shines light on the truth of a situation or matter in hand for higher knowledge to flood consciousness, illuminating the crown chakra like a flower lantern being held over your head.

Snowdrop’s lantern of light shines with such brilliance that all you need to be revealed becomes obvious. This flower illuminates the truth, bringing a revelation of light.

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30ml Stock Essence