Clear boundaries. The essence of wild instinct, wild freedom.

SheWolf reconnects you to your core of strength, wild instinct, power and magnificence which has become smothered over time. This essence helps you transcend illusions of fear and control to feel liberated to express your Truth at all times.

SheWolf is able to give freely of herself as well as being confident to honour her boundaries, and to keep her personal space when she needs rest, peace and time of her own.  She does this to maintain her absolute energetic balance.  She gains the respect of her pack by honouring her sacred needs and her space.  SheWolf is the essence of wild instinct, wild freedom.

SheWolf has extraordinary powers of intuition and instinct. Constantly alert to her environment, she is able to move swiftly to higher, safer ground, to take in new vistas that give her the grand view of her territory, and enable her to make changes that create harmony for herself and her pack.  

SheWolf came from the setting moon towards the rising sun at dawn to combine the energies of yin and yang in perfect harmony.  SheWolf brings polar opposites of energy together, to create wholeness within.  

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