Seeing through the illusion of lack. Maintaining a ‘purple patch’.

This essence heralds the full and complete picture of your desires and plans in full bloom. It helps you see through the illusion of lack, of unfulfilled visions. It maintains the energy of a ‘purple patch’ – a run of success. Whatever you envision, your Soul knows how to achieve it. And in the 4th dimension, your vision already exists. This essence sustains your forward momentum to bring the complete picture into the 3rd/physical dimension.

Success is a state of mind and is self created. We create our own good luck. Purple Rhododendron maintains forward momentum, immersing you in ‘successful vibrations’ so those niggling and irritating thoughts of ‘this can’t last’, or ‘something is bound to go wrong’ have no vibratory effect.

Use with: Bergenia, Orange Rose

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