“A wash of wisdom”

This essence was created from a collection of purple flowers in the garden: light and deep purple periwinkle, purple honesty, wild violet, deep purple violet and bugle wildflower. When all of the flowers were placed in the water, I had a very clear image of a Buddhist prayer wheel, spinning in sunlight.

Prayer wheels originated so that people who could not read or write could spin the wheels and the mantras of the ancient texts would be shared this way rather than having to be read or spoken out loud.

This essence holds the inscriptions of the Universal language of light, to wash your entire energy spectrum and surroundings with a frequency of Wisdom that is timeless and wordless.

As a prayer wheel spins, so the energy of the ancient texts and mantras spreads out like ripples from a drop of water falling onto the ocean, reaching far into the distance and beyond. Purple Prayer Wheel essence has a tonal effect in the same way as a spoken mantra or spinning wheel, washing ripples of wisdom through your senses and cells to awaken you from the confines of the human mind into the awakened consciousness of Universal Wisdom.

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30ml Stock Essence