For feelings of deep anxiety, defensiveness.

Foxglove essence brings awareness of tense, holding patterns which frame the heart like false scaffolding. These are the patterns that exist behind the barriers or walls we have put up around our heart to protect it from being hurt – so they are buried very deep. These patterns create a defensive attitude which can push love away to avoid emotional pain and hurt. You may even feel (ever so subtly) under constant threat, like you have to ‘monitor the castle gates’ to keep the portcullis firmly up in order to keep intruders out and to feel safe behind your defences.

Foxglove essence helps you feel a little bit easier, a bit more at ease generally. Foxglove is for the kind of tension or anxiety caused by pain patterns long held onto, which have been playing out in your life for many years. It helps you feel more relaxed in yourself, less defensive, less aggressive even.

It works especially well for tension/anxiety patterns of unknown sources, for anxiety where the cause is buried very deep inside. So deep that we may not even have a conscious memory of why we feel tense, anxious or defensive. Foxglove lets love in.

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