Fear of dying/death. Family/fear patterns so ingrained they have turned to stone. Breaking down resistance.

To penetrate that which has turned to stone. For intense resistance to the call and flow of Source.

The weight of fear that the collective human mind has created on Earth is stifling. We all – always – have freedom of choice about what we think. Thought patterns inherited from our ancestors often perpetuate fear based religious and social conditioning, with the result we falsely believe there is no freedom of choice, and that life and death are governed by some external power over which we have no control.

There is precious little understanding of the sacredness of life and death and the ease of sacred crossing. All the time the call of Source is resisted, suffering takes hold. Petrified Wood lights the way for those fearing departure from the physical plane, for those who are stuck in fear based vibrations.

Petrified Wood breaks down petrified/intense fear patterns for sacred crossing. Intense pain and suffering are intense resistance to the call of Source. This essence breaks down resistance.

Use with: Pink Bells, Golden Buttercup, Purple Prayer Wheel

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