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If you would like a personal blend of our essences, please email me (Shelley) with details of what you would like your essence blend to help you with, and what you feel is important for me to know: I will take up the energetic conversation and create a blend - an energy bouquet from the garden if you like – totally bespoke for you.

In my 27 years of working with essences, I have prepared personal blends for hundreds of people of all ages, animals too, for all kinds of life, health, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges and very personal situations. Following Dr Bach’s* philosophy of treat the individual, not the dis-ease, in all my years of preparing personal blends of essences, no two blends have ever been the same. People’s life stories are completely unique. Which is why it makes perfect sense to me that each blend is unique too.

You will receive 2 x 30ml bottles of your personal blend of essences, with some notes about your blend for you to read along with directions for use.

*Dr Edward Bach, a London Harley Street Physician, rediscovered the ancient practice of creating flower essences in the 1920s when a number of his patients were not getting any better using traditional medicine. He went on to create the Bach Flower Remedies. Dr Bach believed that all dis-ease resulted from conflict between the mind and the soul forces. He treated the individual, not the dis-ease, with his essences dissolving the conflict for wellness to manifest.

“Your wisdom in choosing these essences for me has brought about a subtle yet powerful shift in my understanding of myself, and has given me the courage to take a big step forward and trust that I can absolutely create the change I’ve longed for.” Natasha

Testimonials Testimonials

“Once again you have helped to weave together the strands of my inner self.” Sara

“Thank you so much for opening my mind to a world of possibilities and helping me to set out on a new journey.” Chris

“The confusion and sadness I felt has disappeared and I feel stronger and much more prepared for whatever lies ahead for me.” Ciara

“Shelley’s guidance with her essences has been warm, spiritual and moving. With her wonderful gifts of help I am empowered and focused and feel capable of many things.”  Helen

“Your work and wisdom has literally changed my life.” Caroline

“Thank you for your nurturing by nature.” Jaz

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