The heart of stillness. “None of these things move me.” Seeing new horizons from the centre of stillness.

In the yellow centre of this daisy, the sacred geometry of the Universe, the fractals and Fibonacci spirals of life unfolding, are clear to see.

Taking you to the centre of creation, immersing you in the still point where all possibilities exist in The Field of all life everywhere, this essence takes you to the heart of stillness. In this place, unsettling thoughts and feelings dissipate as you travel out again from the central point of stillness, along the spirals of geometry, and out further along a new white petal to a new horizon.

From the centre of this flower, many different horizons present themselves as you look out at all the radiating white petals encircling you. Being more aware of the myriad of choices opening up to you from the centre of stillness, you can feel yourself being in the now, and how “none of these things move me” i.e. none of the world’s illusion has an effect on you, for you have been to the centre of stillness and from there have seen the potentials that exist for change.

A good essence to use for centring, journeying and for meditation. Oxeye Daisy essence cascades through every crevice to seed stillness.

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