Our Essence Ingredients

After a long search for the right kind of vodka for our stock essences, I found the world’s only vodka made from fair trade quinoa, called FAIR www.fairspirits.com Having used quinoa as a staple food for over 20 years, and also knowing it is gluten free and that the variety used to create FAIR vodka comes from an organic sustainable source of quinoa, it is the perfect vibrational match for our essences.

The water we use to make our Mother Tinctures, our stock and spray essences, is Highland Spring still (glass bottled) water www.highlandspring.com  Highland Spring water is drawn from organic land, and as with FAIR quinoa vodka, its resonance feels perfect to hold the energetic imprints of our essences.

To bottle our essences, vodka is added first (16% by volume 40% proof for 30ml stock essences, 12% by volume 40 % proof for 100ml spray essences), then spring water, followed by drops of individual mother tincture essence.

From left:  Top: Pink Foxglove, Goldstrum,  Purple Prayer Wheel Middle: Camellia, Crab Apple Blossom,  White Cherry Blossom Bottom: Magnolia, Purple Crocus, Crocosmia How our Essences were made How to take our Essences About Essences Our Essence Ingredients