A multidimensional portal. A star shaman’s essence. To walk into a new energy and close a door on the past.

Whenever I look at this flower I think of a multidimensional portal, as if this flower is a key of some kind to a portal/door.

Nigella essence takes you through a door you are ready to go through. You will not go through it if you are not ready. But once the lock is undone and the door opened, you walk through and there is no going back. Whatever you needed to leave behind is left. You are in another dimension, space and time, when using this essence, but still very present on Earth. A teacher of energy and dimensions, this flower brings you deep knowing that all is well, that you have indeed moved on. And if you hear any echoes or seem to be going over some experience again, Nigella reminds you that the answer to this is NO, you have completed the Soul experience/learning, and have moved on. You are simply ‘hearing’ what you have left behind the door as a distant echo. You are not part of it anymore. It is finished, door closed.

Nigella holds you in the space of the new energy you now find yourself in. If you have ever seen the film Star Gate, then this is what Nigella is…a star gate, a portal, a very real energy which is beyond the illusion of the human mind, an energy of high perception, a ‘star shaman’s’ flower, taking you to other worlds/other worldly frequencies which are in fact very much like home to you.

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