“The healing for the 21st Century will have to understand deeply the human mind, the journeys individuals make in their life, what they are striving for and the effects this has on them. The healing will have to be both subtle enough to deal with our finest being, and yet practical and relieve physical suffering.”

“The wildflowers offer this range of healing, and combined with diagnostic techniques, also help to uncover the many layers upon which suffering is built.”

From Australian Flower Essences for the 21st Century by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao

This is part of the introduction to the above book. I studied the Living Essences of Australia www.livingessences.com.au as part of my 2 year course on flower essences at the International Federation of Vibrational Medicine run by world leading authority on essences, Clare G Harvey. That was 18 years ago now.

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Since then, I have come to know that it is not just the wildflowers in pristine locations around our planet which offer this powerful healing. Every flower, plant, tree, in fact, every element of nature is alive with coded information offering us the resonances we need to restore, repair, heal. My personal healing journey with essences began with the Australian Bush Flower Essences. My intensive study of 30 global essence ranges on Clare’s Diploma course took me on a journey around the world, experiencing essences from Hawaii, Canada, USA, Europe, revisiting Australia (also my country of birth), and coming back to the UK to study the Bach flower remedies and the pioneering work of Dr Bach from the 1920’s.

Red Rose

Red Rose To know your own Divinity.

Magenta Rose

Magenta Rose Being “home” with yourSelf.


Goldstrum Soothing healing energy for whatever ‘ails’ you.

Summer Solstice Glorious July 2018

All of nature holds healing wisdom.

And when we cannot physically be in nature, essences bring us coded healing from nature to engage with wherever we are.

‘Heal Thyself’ talks about the responsibility we have to ourselves. Not something I was taught about at school or University, by society or religion. The opposite in fact – that all of the power was outside of me, and that I had to rely on doctors, teachers at school, parents etc who had my answers for me. If you got ill, you went to the doctor for advice. The concept of tuning in to one’s own inner doctor, one’s inner guidance system and to then take appropriate natural healing guidance from this place was never mentioned.

When you explore the world of knowledge that has existed in ancient cultures, been taught by indigenous peoples and practiced by wise Elders for millennia, there is no turning back. Doors of self-awareness open and potentials become realities. And for those who know this, now is the time of all times to stand up, be the voice for nature, of nature, and empower people to Heal Thyself.

Translated from my English garden and flower farm, these seasonal essences are relevant to help Heal Thyself, just click on the images for more information and to buy:

Celebrating Sasha

These dahlias are grown on our flower farm, where we produce our essences.

Incredible to think almost a century has passed since Dr Bach began looking outside of the conventional medical world for a new paradigm of healing. His ground-breaking book ‘Heal Thyself’ was – is – light years ahead of its time. In today’s world, the mass consciousness around health and well-being is still fixated on lack, ‘bad luck’ if you get ill, victim mentality (‘why me??’), with little awareness of the potential to self heal. I’ll rephrase that. Little awareness of the POWER we hold, the ability we have to heal ourselves. Just as Dr Bach wrote about nearly 100 years ago.

With our global health in crisis, our health services under greater strain year on year striving to cope with ever increasing mental health issues and rising cancer and dementia statistics, the signs are that humanity is at tipping point.

Advances in medical treatment are phenomenal. But, people are not getting any better. Are we missing something?

Our Garden Flowers

Nature has the answer. No need to analyse it. Research it. Or intellectualise it. Nature waits patiently, infused with the healing patterns we seek to HEAL OURSELVES. The rise in Forest Bathing, in Horticultural Therapy, in the importance of the connection with the natural world, is all happening because on some very subtle level, humanity is hearing nature. Humanity is poised to hear the answer but needs more help to hear, listen, and act.

I am a translator of nature’s healing language. I can read her healing codes written in her flowers, trees, plants and her whole living expression on our planet – and in the nature beyond our planet. Being able to speak nature’s language means I can translate it for others. From my own journey around the world, both physically visiting places, and then through flower essences from different countries and locations, I found myself conversing with the flowers, plants and trees in my own garden. From these conversations, over 100 essences have been created within our 2 acres.

I have learnt that all of nature, everywhere, offers us powerful healing. The chance to Heal Thyself is offered simply, directly, easily, from nature. Most often, it is the nature right on our doorstep which offers us the greatest healing of all.

All these flowers grow on our flower farm as part of the library of nature here.

White Cyclamen

White Cyclamen Gives you wings to fly free from the burdens which weigh you down.

Autumn Essences

Autumn around our pond - see our “Meadow, Pond and Flower Farm” collection.

Lady's Mantle

Lady’s Mantle For intuition. To hear nature’s finer frequencies.

Maple Flower

Maple Flower Being open to receive information of a higher vibrational nature.

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