My New Flower Essences

The first essence I ever created, in 2003, was not a flower essence. It was the essence of SheWolf. I was not expecting to create flower essences. But then, my love of flowers runs as deep as my love of flower and vibrational essences. So when the call came from the first flower – Yellow Crocus - on 16th February 2015 (an essence to help you focus and concentrate, and cut through confusion and interference, what an appropriate first flower essence!!), I had no idea at that point that so many of the flowers in our English country garden would call out to be made as essences.

To go with this new burst of light from the garden, 2015 was accompanied by a Total Solar Eclipse in March 2015 and a Blood SuperMoon full lunar eclipse in September 2015. It was a powerful year indeed. A year in which we witnessed much chaos and change in our world, which continues into 2017. Many people have been experiencing extreme personal challenges in health, life and emotional well-being.

To manage the intense challenges and energy shifts we are living through, my garden flowers offered their wisdom to create extraordinary flower essences, bringing you timely reminders of your own Divinity. Calling you with their gentle yet profound vibrations, they focus your mind and energy on the Truth of life and the Truth of who you are.

View towards our oast house from the pond Crab Apple Blossom essence refreshes the heart Our garden pond. Home of Yellow Flag Iris, Pink Water Lily and Red Rose.

Sparks Universal connections. Soul connections. Sparking Universal synapses which are laying dormant into life.

Damson Blossom Apple Crown

For wearing your own crown of authority. For confidence.

Meadow Vetch

Brings a feeling of relief. To ‘give you a break’ when life seems relentless. For overwhelm.

Purple Campanula

Attuning the heart to temple resonance. Holds the frequency of the Violet Flame. Deals with karmic patterns.

White Cyclamen

Gives you wings to fly free from the burdens which weigh you down.

Red Rose

The crowning glory. To know you are Divine.

White Rose

For conflict. Understanding all points of view.

Pink Water Lily

Full of Light. A Light Catalyst.

Purple Prayer Wheel

“A wash of wisdom.” Insight, perception and understanding of the Universal language of light, lifting your heart and senses to a place of deep peace and expanded vision.

Yellow Flag Iris

Unfurling and unravelling convoluted structures, especially bound within the vibratory structure of your DNA.

Oxeye Daisy

The heart of stillness. “None of these things move me.” Seeing new horizons from the centre of stillness.


Wearing the wisdom of The Elders. Wearing the hat/headdress of life experience, knowledge and wisdom which tribal Elders are custodians of.

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The fact that these flowers are ones you will see in most English country gardens and meadows means that Nature really wants us to wake up to the knowledge that all the answers we seek are right in front of us.

Nature’s Library

Nature holds the most incredible healing library, written in a language that comes from the stars. A veritable symphony of frequencies calling us to look away from the chaos and to remember how to live in peace, as peace, as who we are beyond the conditioning of ages.

It has been my absolute joy to create these flower essences – and all my ranges – translating Nature’s wisdom as the true essence of our world and of world peace.

We are indivisible from Nature. We are part of it. At a molecular, atomic level and every level from this, upwards. These flower essences are very clear about what they do. Their translations are written so that you can choose which ones feel right to you. The pictures of the flowers are the actual flowers from which each essence was made, so you connect with the energy at the moment of creation.

Remember, essences are not giving anything you don’t already have. Their resonance is a reminder of what lays beyond the dull, thumping, stagnant, heavy, smothering tones of fear and anger, calling you to know that all healing is simply the removal of all that exists between you and the Truth. They invite you to look at what you have adopted without question from your ancestors, from religion, from society, from the media, from all manner of false teachings which insist on repeating the fact that humans are lesser than God/Goddess, lesser than Nature, lesser than the Truth.

Here’s a few examples of the wisdom in my garden flower essences:

Listening to Nature Blossom time again! Flower essences in bloom Summer Solstice Glorious July 2018 Celebrating Sasha Autumn Essences Nature translator Flowers, soul, seeds and time Merry Christmas, Abundance and Joy Blood SuperMoon Our Spring Flower Essences Sun, Moon and Seasons Blossom and Roses Summer of Flowers Goodbye to our Ruby