The doors of peace close around you.

You are in your own place of peace with Monkshood essence. Your own ‘temple space’. Monkshood shares a deep sense of presence, of being present in your own space, of being still and undisturbed by the world around you.  

When this essence was made, a soft, gentle mist was shrouding the morning in stillness, with beautiful bird song as the only sound. This essence embraces you, like the perfect hoods of the flowers, to shroud you in the stillness and birdsong of the moment of its creation, to carry you through the day in this energy of peace.

For meditation, for wanting to feel safe, for feeling distracted by events around you, for wanting space, peace, for needing to become present, still, quiet. A lovely essence to use at the start of each day, before you make contact with the world outside.

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30ml Stock Essence