Merry Christmas, Abundance, Colour and Joy

Wishing everyone an abundance of whatever you wish for this festive season.

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An arrangement of seasonal flowers from our flower farm.

Merry Christmas and thank you to everyone who has enjoyed our blogs this year, bought our essences, and taken the time to comment on our social media.

Oxeye Daisy Autumn Essences Holly Solstice Abundance Nature translator

Oxeye Daisies in full and glorious bloom in our meadow. Oxeye Daisy essence which takes you to the heart of stillness.  Click on the picture for more information about the essence and and to buy.

Abundance is our natural state. We’ve simply forgotten that. Created on the day and dark of the Winter Solstice, this essence lifts you out of your own darkness to feel the spark of inspiration and lightness to move forward in life. It keeps the window of your mind light and playful and keeps you looking forward to find the view that most inspires you.

Flowers, soul, seeds and time

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Our essences are created with nature within our 2 acre rural garden, which is also home to our organic flower farm. With an abundance of wildflowers growing in our hedgerow and in our natural flower meadow to accompany the flowers we grow, we feel blessed to be the guardians of such a beautiful space.

Enjoy some of our colourful year of flowers. During these darker days of Winter, when nature has set seed and turned to rest, it is food for the soul to soak up colour. If ever you need your spirits lifted, have a look at pictures of colourful flowers. Flowers speak a language you soul understands, and you are instinctively drawn to the flowers and nature you need. Take a few moments to enjoy a rainbow of colour from our garden flower farm to your soul. Merry Christmas once again.

We hope you reach for the stars and beyond in 2019.

Crown of Stars

With much love from us all at The Energy Centre Essences.

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