Being ‘home’ with yourSelf.

This is my most favourite rose in the garden. I love the colour, the scent, just everything about this rose is truly divine and magnificent to me.

This glorious rose essence is about being ‘home’ with yourself. Through my journey with essences, I realise I spent much of my un-awakened life making myself small in order to ‘fit in’. I would step out of my magnificent ‘home’ Self and morph into an alien form of me, just to be acceptable to the crowd I was with. After doing this for many years, I forgot what it felt like to be ‘home’ with mySelf.

The many layers of this magnificent magenta rose lead you home to the magnificence of yourSelf, comfortably and easily letting go of the need to be someone/somewhere else other than home. Just as this rose opens and blossoms into fullness in its own time, so Magenta Rose essence supports you in coming home in time that flows with your Soul.

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