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End of February into the beginning of March saw our garden and flower farm buried in an unseasonal heavy blanket of snow, with temperature dipping to -12C for a few nights. As the thaw began, flowers which had been weighed down under almost 30cm of snow began to stand tall once again. One of these is the amazing hellebore. I mentioned this flower essence in January, but it deserves a repeat.

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20 April is the first of 4 seasonal half day workshops to connect with flowers in my garden with all of your senses, not just your eyes. Each one is a chance to learn about the essence language of flowers in season, starting with blossom in April. Blossom flowers look so delicate, but like hellebores, can stand up to some pretty tough weather. Their essence characteristics reflect this, with, for example, Umbrella Cherry blossom helping you stand firm in lightness regardless of what is going on around you, or White Cherry Blossom, for purity, simplicity and overcomplicated states of mind. These puff balls of blossom stand up to strong winds, and this essence clears your mind of heavy, ponderous thoughts. I love to use White Cherry Blossom on blustery days, taking it with me on a dog walk, it really does help to clear my mind.

Essences for Winter and New Year January 2018

Hellebores reappearing from underneath 30cm of snow

Hellebores grow in small groups, often starting as a single flower which then self seeds in the same area. Sometimes called Christmas rose or winter rose, they can begin flowering as early as December. In our garden, they tend to appear first in January. They have a long flowering time, usually lasting until April, and as they have just demonstrated, hellebores can survive extreme weather conditions.

Through creating my English garden flower essences right here where I live, I have been able to observe the growing characteristics of each flower through the seasons, and how they behave within each season, as well as studying their structure, design and physical characteristics. All of these qualities give clues from the flower about its essence. To me, physical IS essence, just at a different frequency. Physical is visible essence. A flower essence is invisible essence.

Hellebores are perennial flowers, meaning their life cycle is for longer than two years. Our hellebores have flowered in the same places for the 15 years we have lived here, and have self seeded themselves all over the garden. Their magnificent flower heads face down towards the earth while standing tall on strong stems that withstand all manner of battering from winter winds, rain, and now snow! Their attention is specifically where they are, focused on the ground right in front of them. When you lift up a hellebore flower, you are drawn to the centre and its unfurling stamens which remain tightly packed until April and warmer days.

Hellebore is an excellent essence to bring your attention to a focal point from scattered viewpoints. This essence draws your energy together from far flung places, bringing you back together again if you feel scattered. Hellebore helps you come right into the present moment.

A Meditation of Flowers – new workshop

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In A Meditation of Flowers, I give a short talk about the wisdom of flowers in season, linking them to seasonal body wisdom (April being early Spring is the time of the Wood element in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is linked to the liver and gallbladder meridians – and emotions of anger and frustration), followed by a gentle meditation before you create your own ‘meditation of flowers’ bouquet or arrangement, working with blossom and greenery in flower from the garden. These floral experiences are for everyone, from those who have never arranged flowers before, to the experienced floral designer, and for anyone who would like sacred space with flowers.

The intention is to let you experience how to listen to the flowers with all of your senses, and not just look with your eyes. We listen with our eyes too, and with our heart. We listen through touch, through sensing texture. We listen through intuition, and with our feelings. And importantly, we listen through silence. Arranging my flowers is very sacred for me, always done in silence with just garden birdsong as my soundtrack. Silence gives you the space to observe nature, to work with flowers and feel their form - and their essence.

If you would like to come along, please book through this link on my personal website A Meditation of Flowers is also intended to give you time out from the world, to enjoy flowers in a peaceful garden setting.

Other workshops I have created for this year are Flower Wisdom and Flower Medicine Ways. For details of all my workshops, click on the workshop picture above.

Other workshops I have created for this year are Flower Wisdom and Flower Medicine Ways. For details of all my workshops, click the picture.Other workshops I have created for this year are Flower Wisdom and Flower Medicine Ways. For details of all my workshops, click the picture.

Cherry blossom avenue


To be uniquely yourself. If you are not being uniquely you, then who are you being? If you have retreated somewhere deep inside and are hiding yourself from the world, perhaps for self protection, or because you’ve been told it’s not appropriate to be yourself, or maybe for years you have done what society or someone around you has expected of you, this essence helps you be uniquely yourself, wherever, whenever, whoever you are with.

Spring Light

Moving on from stagnant situations. For creative block, lack of passion. To ‘get moving’. A good essence to move on from heavy, stagnant situations, people, places, environment, ways of thinking, which you no longer resonate with but cannot see a way forward from/see a way to leave. I use this each Spring. It’s like a spring clean in essence form for mind and body

White Violet

Immunity from world thought. To be impervious to the effects and energy of mass consciousness which drag you down/affect your well-being.

Solar Eclipse

WONDER. This essence was created 20 March 2015 at the precise moment of the Total Solar Eclipse. My essence bowl was placed out in the garden by our large pond, right in line with the sun. From light into darkness and into light again, the bowl was left for almost an hour under the changing energy. The main word for this essence is WONDER. If you have become afraid of the magic and forgotten your own power, this essence leads you from your deepest rooted fears into the light of wonder. To realise the pure potential in the void of darkness which gives rise to all life and all of our creations.

Here are some more seasonal essences from my garden, which were made in the month of March

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