To support your immune system at any time.

Mind and body – and hence health – are intimately linked. Our thoughts affect our nervous system, which in turn influences the state of our immune system (known as the science of psychoneuroimmunology). If your nervous system is overstressed, it draws vital energy from the immune system and puts immunity under strain. The immune system becomes overstretched from stress and anxiety, which relates back to affecting the nervous system. Where the mind goes, the body follows. The focus of Immune Support is on keeping personal energy clear, grounded, and attention off mass consciousness, with essences to ease anxiety and stress, to breathe easy and oxygenate your system/bring in vital life force energy. It also contains a special essence co-created specifically to take in nature's intelligence about new viruses, preparing your own immunity at an energetic level.

Click on each of the essences in Immune Support to understand the full supportive and protective power of this essence, in particular White Violet for immunity from world thought:

Contains: White Violet, Bergenia, Clarity, Hellebore, Light Pink Rose, Monkshood, Pink Bells, Release, Rose Hip, Shield & Protect, Umbrella Cherry

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