How to take our Essences

Each 30 ml stock essence label carries a set of directions detailing how many drops of essence to take each day. This is a recommended guideline. Essences have no side effects. You are taking the energy and wisdom of nature in bottled form.

The most common way to take our essences is by placing them directly under your tongue where a number of meridian points meet. Try not to touch your tongue or mouth with the dropper to avoid introducing bacteria into the stock bottle.

Some people prefer to drop the recommended dose into about 1cm of water or juice in a glass and sip the essence this way.

You can also add the essence drops to hot water to let the alcohol diffuse, and drink the water when cooled.

If you prefer not to take essences orally, you can either use drops of the essence topically on your skin, e.g. on your wrist pulse points, placing the recommended dose on the inside of one wrist where your pulse points are and rubbing the inside of both wrists together. Or you can place the drops in the palm of your hand and rub them onto your solar plexus (directly onto your skin).

For children, we recommend either topical use as explained above, or as per Bertha Bear’s recommended essence dosage, adding 2 drops of Bertha’s essence blend to 1cm of water or juice daily and sipping the essence this way. Some children we know are very used to taking essences, and prefer to drop them straight under their tongue. Please use essences with children as you and they feel comfortable.

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