How our Essences were made

Our flower essences were made by holding a small bowl under the flower and pouring spring water gently over the flower and through the flower’s energy field, the essence imprinting itself as the water flowed into the bowl and creating the pristine Mother Tincture.

Other essences, such as Spa Transformations and Star Seed Potentials, Solar Power and Blood SuperMoon were created using the intention method of working with Nature to imprint the presenting energies in spring water in my special ceremonial crystal bowl.

Aquilegia, Camellia, Purple Prayer Wheel, Spring Light and Summer Blessings were made by placing flowers in my ceremonial crystal bowl and leaving them in sunlight according to the traditional sunprint method of making essences.

Each Mother Tincture essence was then blended as per the British Association of Flower Essence Producers guidelines (BAFEP) for bottling essences, with an equal measure of alcohol – I use quinoa vodka (see Our Essence Ingredients).

To make a stock essence, BAFEP guidelines are followed again, to create a 30ml stock essence or 100ml spray containing drops of Mother Tincture.

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