Reminding you of your natural state of abundance. Dissolving ancient patterns of lack.

Abundance is our natural state. We’ve simply forgotten that. Only because our innate software has been corrupted by generations past who adopted stifled belief structures and a conditioning to focus on lack. Holly Solstice Abundance Essence helps to change corrupted software by dissolving ancient patterns imbedded in our psyche and cells. As these patterns dissolve, like cleaning a window that’s been covered in grime for centuries, not only do we let in more light, we also see the view beyond, towards a new horizon.

Created on the day and dark of the Winter Solstice, this essence lifts you out of your own darkness to feel the spark of inspiration and lightness to move forward in life. It keeps the window of your mind light and playful and keeps you looking forward to find the view that most inspires you. Holly was present when the essence was being created as a symbol of natures’ abundance in Winter. Full of red berries which look resplendent against the dark rich green leaves, this essence carries the resonance of this richness to remind you of your natural state.

A lovely essence to help manifest, leave behind old ways, for creativity, for play, for love.

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