“Basking in a sea of gold.” Soothing, healing energy for whatever ‘ails’ you.

Looking at these flowers in bloom in the garden is like looking at a sea of gold. Your spirits feel lifted and lighter just looking at this mass of golden flowers.

Goldstrum’s golden yellow petals radiate out from a black centre which stands proud of the petals. If you find yourself immersed in darkness or blackness, whatever it is that ails you, this sea of gold is sent to help you. A soothing, healing balm of an essence, immersing you in the frequency of gold, lifting your spirits and your energy away from the focus of ‘ailing’ towards the energy of gold – the master healer.

 (‘Ail ’ meaning to be ill, sick, feel unwell, suffer, be in pain, be afflicted, in distress, feel troubled, be bothered by something.)

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30ml Stock Essence