Essences for glorious July 2018.

July has been a glorious month. Tons of sunshine has meant tons of colourful flowers growing in our 2 acre garden flower farm, the home of our flower essences. See our flower farm at July also brought us a surprise award, lots of flower orders, and new essence customers from my article entitled ‘Growing the Wisdom of Flowers’ in the lovely Sentire Magazine – do visit to download the July/August issue.

We’ve had higher than usual temperatures too, with a few days of 30C plus, and no rain until right at the end of July. To manage our flower farm in this weather has meant dawn starts to pick flowers for orders, and watering at least 3 times a day to keep flowers vibrant. All to the good. I love early mornings. Best time of the day for me. Living in rural countryside means the only noises at this time of day are birdsong and flowers singing as they grow.

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Our meadow at dawn and colourful beds

Essences for Imbolc and February 2018 Listening to Nature Blossom time again! Flower essences in bloom

I often describe essences to people who are not familiar with them as the notes of nature. If we could all hear flowers, they would each be singing their own unique note. And altogether, they create the most magical symphony of healing sound, all over the world.

Flowers speak a language your soul understands. Our subtle senses DO hear flowers and the songs they sing and music they play. This is why we are instinctively drawn to some flowers and not others. The flowers are literally calling us to them through their music. And because we are all unique, we are drawn to the flowers we resonate with. This is why each posy, bouquet and floral design we create with our flowers is unique, to reflect the healing intention of each order. And, this is why we designed our website in the way we have, for you to choose your essences from the pictures of the actual flowers from which each essence was made, or from the symbols representing the energy of an essence (such as our Spa Transformation essences).

Big smiles having just won our Silver Gilt

Our award winning flowers! Silver Gilt at the Kent County Show. We entered a 6m x 3m display of our flowers at this year’s Kent County Show – and were thrilled and just a touch overwhelmed to win a Silver Gilt award for our display.

Our Flower Essences as part of our stand and close ups of the flowers and posies.

These are just some of our flower essences which came along to be part of our display, all blooming on our flower farm right now - click on the pictures below for full details and to buy:

Ostrich Plume Aster

Ostrich Plume Aster To laugh again. To lighten things up.


Nigella To close a door on the past and walk into a new energy.


Calendula To feel ‘ahhh that’s better’. For a deep sense of relief and release.


Borage is the star flower, an essence offering a light-hearted reminder of home, especially for sensitive people who feel they have crash landed on Earth by mistake!


Cosmos For inspiration. To see and feel the big picture.


Snapdragon To lift a sad heart to lightness again. For loss, for grief.

Pink Dahlia

Pink Dahlia To realign with your own soul groove. To take a quantum leap.

Our display was intended as a snapshot of our flower farm in season. We created mini raised beds in vintage farm bushel crates, planted up with our seedlings in the spring to give them plenty of time to grow for the show. In other creates, we used large pottery jars filled with our ‘just picked’ flowers, creating very natural, meadow style arrangements with lots of seasonal colour. We had our flower essences ‘in season’ next to the main flower display, to share the healing wisdom of the flowers growing.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea For joy. Uplifts to the stars.

And here are some of our recent posies and flower arrangements, for occasions and orders, created with our flowers. Each one bespoke and blended intuitively for the person concerned.

A basket full of colourful flower medicine, featuring calendula, cosmos, borage, dahlias, larkspur, sweet peas, malope, ammi majus and more.

A healing posy ordered for a lady who had just come out of hospital.

A bunch of sweet peas, the essence of joy!

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