Flowers, soul seeds and time.

I just love flowers. At all stages of life. From studying the vast differences in seed shapes and sizes, to sowing the seeds for our flower farm flowers and then planting out the seedlings which miraculously grow from such tiny pods of potential, to watching them grow into their full, majestic, magnificent expression of themselves, every aspect of running our flower farm has become an unexpected joy. Even today, amidst of Storm Diana blasting us with 60mph gusts and lashing rain, being outside with the elements to tidy up the flower beds, accompanied by our dogs running around in the wind, feeds my soul on a very deep level.

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Poplar Awakening expansion.

Purple Crocus

Purple Crocus In HEART time

Pink Cherry Blossom

Pink Cherry Blossom Blossoming in time with the seasons

Summer Solstice Glorious July 2018

Our flower meadow in summer with opium poppies, cornflowers and plenty of wildlife too.

For someone who used to try and do everything at once, flower essences have reconnected me with the ability to listen on much deeper levels to my own soul seeds. Establishing the flower farm and working ever more closely with the pace of the seasons through the year has also engaged me with a flow of time which is unforced, natural and easily more joyful. There is a saying ‘Time is of the essence’. Or, is essence – meaning the spirit of nature and spirit of us – really the time? Living life through the divine timing of our own essence enables us to grow, bloom and flourish in ways our mind alone cannot conceive of. Mind and essence united create a garden full of seasonal beauty, which grows perfectly in sync with the seasons of our soul and the bigger vista of the garden of planetary and universal life.

Have a look at these essences to help you tune in with your own soul seeds (click on the picture for full details and to buy):

Celebrating Sasha

A selection of our flower essences created from our flower farm flowers.

2019 will be the start of our 4th year of flower farming. We set up the flower farm in our 2 acre garden, where all our essences are co-created with the nature spirits and elementals, to bring the wisdom, spirit, intelligence and living essence of flowers and nature to life for people. Showing people an essence bottle and a beautiful picture of the flower it was created from is one thing. We’ve seen first-hand how engaging people with flowers which have been grown with great love, in full knowledge of their greater purpose on this planet than to just ‘look pretty’, ignites a curiosity and sparks an interest to explore potentials for self awareness and self healing previously untapped.

Our Garden Flowers

With nature now returning to her seed phase, it is an opportunity for us to follow her lead. You may have heard me talk about the seed timing of the soul before in my social media posts or in some of my articles. We have each sown our own seeds in the garden of our soul. There is a time and place for each seed to be activated. Just as flower seeds need the right light and seasonal conditions to flourish, so do our own soul seeds of potential. The shorter days invite us to rest more, as nature does in winter, and to take the time to tune in to which seeds we most desire to grow for next year. If plans and ideas are coming to you, take time to write them down and notice which ones feel good to you, which ones you want to nurture and feed come spring time. Not every seed is ready to grow at once. This would mean an overcrowded garden and not enough time to tend the growing seedlings into full expression properly.

Our magnolia essence (created from this tree in our garden) is to be perfectly in time. For patience.


Earthwalker Walking with wisdom through the cycles of life.

Autumn Essences Lady's Mantle

Lady’s Mantle For intuition. To hear nature’s finer frequencies.

Nature translator

Healing posies, like live flower essence blends, each one full of flowers which have specific essence meaning for the person receiving them.

Some of our flower farm beds in high summer.

Our approach to teaching with the live presence and essence of flowers has brought many unexpected and wonderful gifts to us, this year especially, and we will reveal more about this early in 2019.

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