Flower essences in bloom and bouquets sharing nature’s wisdom.  Essences for May 2018.

The garden flowers are coming into bloom again after many weeks of cold and wet weather. So much colour is coming alive too. A walk around the garden reveals many familiar flower faces, ready to share their energy in person once again. I love taking time to study the different areas of the garden, to observe what grows where. Nature weaves together her own healing web of energy for us to enjoy. This is one of the main reasons I enjoy planting new flowers, bulbs, perennials and shrubs intuitively in the garden, always being guided by nature’s divine plan. Then, when you step back and look at the essence picture of a place, not only does it add a whole new dimension to looking at the garden, it is a moment in time to marvel at, to see how the flowers tell a healing story where they are.

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Pink Bells in the garden.

Pink Bells Ringing the changes. For space clearing.

Fern Unfolding

Fern Unfolding Unfolding potential according to the Divine geometry of one’s Soul.


Aquilegia Wearing the wisdom of The Elders. Non-judgemental.

Essences for Imbolc and February 2018 Listening to Nature Blossom time again!

These flowers all grow close to each other - click on each picture to buy:


Bergenia Bringing life to something. A manifesting essence.

Each bouquet of flowers I bring together from my garden flower farm tells a story too. While the gathering of the flowers and greenery happens in a natural, intuitive flow, it is only when I have put the bouquet together that the overall ‘essence picture’ reveals itself completely. There is always a theme too, which styles itself naturally, ending up as a ‘live flower essence blend’.

Garden bouquet

There is lots of flower essence wisdom in this spring bouquet: Crab Apple Blossom to refresh the heart, Cow Parsley for community and group harmony, Blue Thistle Flower to feel invincible if you are feeling pushed around or bullied, Narcissus to see beyond a fake surface, Forget-Me-Not to release destructive imprints from early years, Purple Honesty speaks the truth, Bluebell to let go of old hurts, for clear thinking.

I find the whole process of making a posy, a bouquet or other floral design like a meditation, from start to finish. This is something I invite you to experience as part of all my workshops this year. For full workshop details, please click on the picture here.

Here are some more flowers in season in the garden this month, and the wonderful essence wisdom they offer - click on each picture to buy:

Dandeliuon seed head

Dandelion Seed Head For organisation and structure within disorder or chaos. To get things done in an orderly way.

Purple Violet

Purple Violet Innocence. For feelings of guilt.

White campion

White Campion The kick starter essence. To get something moving.

Pink Geranium

Pink Geranium For ceremony and celebration. For the wisdom within all life stages.

Pink Clematis

Pink Clematis Slowing right down. To take stock of where you are. To stop rushing.

Honey bee enjoying my arrangement

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