Unfolding potential according to the Divine geometry of one’s Soul.

An unfolding fern is a wonderful example of the principles of sacred geometry and the Fibonacci series. Sacred geometry forms the ground plan behind the Universe. Physical life unfolds according to geometric patterns which influence growth and life is laid down on invisible, precise geometric templates to give rise to specific form.

For millennia, the human mind has been allowed to overpower the finer senses of intuition and the dynamics of Soul guidance. Within each of us is the sacred geometry of our Soul, timed to unfold in harmony with the evolution of the Divine Soul. This geometry is part of the geometry of the Universe, connected by a matrix of light that is invisible to our human eyes but entirely visible to the eyes of our Soul.

This essence brings you in alignment with, and in time with, expressing potential according to the Divine geometry of one’s Soul and of the Divine Soul, for life’s potential to unfold and give rise to the specific form of your Soul’s sacred geometry.

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