Essences for Winter and New Year January 2018

Winter has set seed in the Northern hemisphere, with shorter days and changeable weather here in Kent UK. Storms are a more regular pattern in recent years, with the air and water elements unleashing plenty of energy. When the storms pass, we have a few days of intense, crisp cold, until the next weather front brings a new blast of wind and rain to refresh the garden.

Nature is in her dormant stage. The seeds of Autumn now rest in the earth in hibernation phase, storing their energy, ready to burst into life as the light changes towards Spring. Our natural seasonal body wisdom calls us to rest as well. To meditate in the darkness and listen to the seed potential we hold within.

Essences help enormously in any season. I have chosen these essences to help you in Winter. Many are Winter flowers, were created in the Winter, or will support you in attaining a meditative, peaceful state of mind and being in which to rest and regenerate. Click on each picture for full details, and to buy any you are drawn to.

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Chaos to Calm Calming the stormy waters of the mind. As the mind is, so the body follows. If you have physical or emotional discomfort too, this essence can support you to find calm amidst the storm. A good emergency essence or ‘rescue remedy’ essence too.

Lighter Life

Lighter Life A good all round Winter essence especially if you experience low energy during the darker months, or at any time of year when you feel in need of an energy lift.

Peace Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Peace Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Created in the month of December, at the moment of a lunar eclipse, it holds the essence of profound, deep peace. If you wish to have more peaceful moments in which to hear your soul wisdom, this essence is a tremendous support.


Bertha Bear’s Meditation Originally created for children, Bertha Bear’s blend have become equally popular with adults. Meditation offers a wash of wisdom to help your mind settle. Also helpful if your energy is fizzing over and your want to relax. Good to use before meditation too.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the season of Winter relates specifically to the element of water and to the kidney and bladder organs and their meridians. Water holds the potential for all life. The kidney meridian is the keeper of our destiny, our ancestral and constitutional seeds. The bladder meridian acts as a container of the wellspring of the kidney meridian forces. Like a time release river of energy, the bladder carefully distributes the energy of the kidney meridian, assisting us in creating clear boundaries in order to correctly manage our physical, emotional and spiritual resources. Kidney energy relates to the emotion of fear. Courage is required to follow our soul path, which may involve standing out from the crowd. Feelings of being different and speaking up for what you believe in can bring up our deepest fears, affecting the harmony and health of our kidneys. Unbalanced bladder energy is linked to overwhelm and scattered energy.

If you are experiencing any of these feelings, physical pain or a lack of energy, you may well need to embrace the wisdom of Winter, her darkness, and the dive into the deep emotion of the water element to cleanse and release deep fears, along with a review of where your energies are being distributed. Winter is a time to set clearer boundaries in readiness for appropriate energy distribution in Spring.

A seed in Winter rests deep in darkness of the earth, in the full knowing that the light of Spring will return with all the energy needed to support new growth. Winter is a yin phase, a deeply feminine time to be receptive to the seed potential for new life, new ideas. Contained within the Winter phase are the regenerative forces, which, given the chance during periods of rest, gather energy in readiness to support the visible new growth in Spring.

So often our lives in the Western world are the opposite of tuning into the resting and regenerative wisdom Winter presents us with. If you are the kind of person who experiences colds/flu/low energy in early Spring, your Winter wisdom has been overlooked. Take time during January to ‘set seed’, rest, regenerate, meditate, have quiet time to rest and reflect, give space for new seed ideas to emerge, in readiness for the increased light energy of Imbolc at the start of February. Remember, the darkness of the void holds the potential for all life. A whole universe is held within a tiny seed. It is the darkness which nurtures this universe into new life and full expression as light increases in Spring.


Hellebore Draws your energy together from far flung places. To become present. For scattered energy.


SheWolf For clear boundaries, to tune into your wild instinct.

Master Oak Tree

Master Oak Restoration to your original blueprint. For vital energy. A good essence to also use on Kidney 1, the start point of kidney meridian called ‘Bubbling Spring’ on the ball of both feet (see Floral Acupuncture photo reference, book by Deborah Craydon and Warren Bellows).

Blood SuperMoon

Blood SuperMoon To move on from limiting energetic projections of your ancestors. To travel way beyond current perceptions of reality.

Rose Hip

Rose Hip To breathe easy and breathe in new life.

Holly Solstice Abundance

Holly Solstice Abundance Made on the Winter Solstice, this essence helps change outdated software patterns which holds you in lack. An essence of abundance, to inspire you to see beyond the confines and repetition of your inherited thought and behavioural patterns around abundance.   

Star Seed Potentials A series of 4 essences encapsulating the wisdom of trees as keepers of ancient wisdom on our Earth, to nourish, activate and express your unique soul seed potential.

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