Essences for Imbolc and February 2018

Imbolc is celebrated at the start of February. A time of new life, of letting go of the old to make space for new beginnings as the longer hours of daylight return, and a time when the seeds, bulbs and buds in waiting begin to stir into life in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Working in partnership with nature, I am very much guided by her call for when to sow my seeds, when to plant out the growing plantlets and how to tend them as they grow to full bloom. The nature spirits weave their own magic into each bloom, creating vibrant colourful blooms which are so joyful to look at and work with.

I am greeted by new spring flowers singing their return in their favourite places as I walk round the garden each February day. From snowdrops, to crocuses, damson blossom, daffodils and primroses, there is something special about working with the essence of a flower when it is in season and growing in the garden. Each season holds its own wisdom and magic. Spring flowers may seem delicate but they have a powerful energy to catch our attention, inviting us to start afresh and move on from old patterns which weigh us down, and to prepare our energy on every level as spring comes into fullness.

Essences for Winter and New Year January 2018

Signs of life in the tulip and narcissi flower farm beds

Here in my rural English garden there are many signs of life, with spring flowers quickening their pace of growth. As well as being the magical place where I have created all of my 100 plus essences, for the last 2 years my garden has been the home of my flower farm, where I grow seasonal British flowers from seed with much love. With my flowers, I create natural bouquets, meadow style posies and free-spirited floral designs for all sorts of occasions. Each floral creation expresses my love of flowers and nature, along with my knowledge of flower essences and the wisdom of nature. And each one is like a living natural flower blend, created intuitively in the same way I create flower essence blends. I bring together flowers and supporting foliage from the garden to reflect the energy and intentions of each floral order.

Some of my seasonal bouquets, posies and floral designs, all created with flowers from my garden flower farm.

Snowdrop essence is a favourite of mine. Like tiny lanterns clustered together to shine a light through the darkness of winter, their essence offers the energy of revelation, to bring into consciousness that which is just out of sight, and to help you ‘get something’ you cannot quite grasp or find the answer to. It helps to reveal the truth.

Yellow Crocus

Yellow Crocus is the essence I use when writing/in a creative process, or when I am dealing with a distracting mental pattern or churning thought which is very persistent! For focus and concentration, it is a great essence for decision making, for maintaining a steady focus without being distracted, and for when you want to move on from an old pattern.

Purple Crocus

Purple Crocus gave me these words when it was being created: In HEART TIME. Whatever you are experiencing in life, there is a time for its unfolding, action, outcome, ending, healing, beginning, that is in perfect alignment with HEART TIME. Our human mind often wants us to rush a healing journey, a time of grieving, or an experience of deep emotion which may be uncomfortable to us. Purple Crocus essence enables you to comfortably reside in the heart to allow an unfolding without running away or rushing the journey.


Daffodil To spread your wings and take off to the stars. I love these flowers, growing under their apple tree ever since we moved to our garden 15 years ago. Their essence helps you fly away from grunge, blasting through the detritus of lower vibrations, to travel to new dimensions while remaining grounded. A good essence for new projects, new careers, moving to a new location. And to reach the stars!

Yellow Primrose

Yellow Primrose To get over yourself and get out there! We can spend too much time worrying about what others think of us. As the late, great Dr Wayne Dyer once said ‘Be independent of the good opinion of others.’ Yellow Primrose helps with exactly this. It has a very light, jolly energy to help you get over your lack of self esteem and self doubts and move on, to get out into the world and create.

Damson Blossom

Damson Blossom Another great favourite of mine, these delicate blossom flowers can appear as early as the beginning of February and even survive snow and frost. This says a lot about the essence too, with a power to sustain you while sparking Universal soul connections into life. These may be a deeper connection with our Earth, with our own senses and abilities, with higher consciousness, with people of like mind. I use this essence to spark inspiration, energy, creation, connection. For example, if there is someone I feel I need to meet to help with a project, I use Damson Blossom essence to spark the Universal synapses into life for the connection to be made.

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