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Bespoke sessions to empower you with unique tools, information and inspiration to change consciousness and realign with your own essence, finding greater peace and well-being, focus, life passion and purpose, and the energy to sustain changes in your daily life. Supported by the healing wisdom of flowers and nature, ancient medicine ways and the power of words.

A one hour on-line session (via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp) is £75.00 payable via PayPal (click on the button above) or BACS (we will email you bank details).

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“Sharing time with Shelley is always wonderful and nurturing. Working together, coupled with Shelley’s wisdom and her gentle ways has brought about a subtle yet powerful shift in my understanding of myself. It has given me the courage to take a big step forward and trust that I can absolutely create the change I’ve longed for.”

Testimonials Testimonials

“My heart is warm and glad with all the joy you have shared with me. I feel so blessed.”

“I have cherished and loved our learning sessions together. My success story and how much I have grown is totally down to you and what you have opened my eyes to. I will always be grateful.”

“The confusion, stress and sadness I felt has disappeared and I feel stronger and much more prepared for whatever lies ahead for me.”

“Shelley’s guidance with her essences has been warm, spiritual and moving. With her wonderful gifts of help I am empowered and focused and feel capable of many things.”  

“I am so grateful for your guidance and light. Thank you for helping me in remembering who I am.”

“Through your patience and amazing wisdom I feel focused, charged and ready to roll!”

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