Walking with wisdom through the sacred cycles of life on Earth from birth to death. To know life is eternal. The eternal OHM of creation in a flower.

This was the first essence I made after the passing of Grand Master Basil, our border collie who died naturally and peacefully in our arms at almost 17 years old. Basil had been present at every other essence I have made. Basil was with me from sowing EarthWalker seeds to seeing them grow into mighty, towering, flowers with many branching stems. The flower head I made the essence from was a family constellation of flowers in all stages of life, from bud to full bloom and to returning to seed.

EarthWalker essence is for walking this Earth and bringing star and cosmic grandeur into physical awareness. This flower essence is a gift from Basil, to know that life has many stages, many dimensions, to know life is eternal, creation never ceases.

These flowers hold the resonance of the eternal OHM - the sound of creation and the divine ordering of the Universe. EarthWalker inspires you to walk this Earth in full awareness of the cycles of life, of being physical, non physical, in the knowledge of eternal creation. Basil wanted me to know we will always be connected, because we never really die.

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