Celebrating Sasha, Colour and Changing Light.

Meet Sasha. On 1st August we celebrated 14 years of Sasha coming to live with us. She arrived 1.8.2004 at 18 weeks old. We were her fourth home in the 18 weeks since her birth. Sasha has loved to talk and play from day one. She has immense energy and presence, and may be a small Welsh mountain collie, but her joy of life, her love of people, her excitement for every new day is an inspiration. Sasha’s boundless energy and desire to run and play as a pup was probably confused as misbehaving. We know she came from a farm initially and was sold by the farmer to a young couple with a new baby who lived in a flat with no garden. She was born from working parents, so of course she’d be raring to go and use her brain for work.

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Border collies are second only to dolphins for their massive intelligence which is often totally misunderstood, as is their endless energy. Border collies can be labelled as flighty, tricky, misbehaved dogs. This is because some humans don’t get the fact that as working dogs, they are used to running 75 miles a day and to having constant stimulation. They are born to be active, to work, to engage with humans, to run, to live a full life. They have heaps of energy for a reason.

Sasha and all our collies are a huge part of our daily life. They help us make our essences. They help us with everything on the flower farm. They teach us how to keep moving forward in life, to get outside in all weathers and to keep life light.

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Sasha experienced two strokes in 2017. Two essences have helped her in particular since that time. The first is her very own support essence Support for all creatures great and small. Her mind and spirit are still strong and raring to go, but the strokes left her with some balance issues. She no longer goes on the long walks with the others, but she still loves her twice daily walk around her 2 acre garden to inspect the flowers she plants through the seasons, and to check that we are tending them properly – Sasha has been the boss of all of us for 14 years!! Support for all creatures has helped her remain stable and to feel secure and confident in herself since her strokes.


Earthwalker Walking with wisdom through the scared cycles of life on Earth. To know life is eternal.

Pink Water Lily

Pink Water Lily Full of light. A light catalyst.


Rudbeckia  Goldstrum To bask in a sea of gold and find relief from whatever ails you.

Pink Geranium

Pink Geranium For ceremony and celebration.

Crown of Stars

Crown of Stars To wear a crown of stars instead of a crown of guilt.

Master Oak Tree

Master Oak Tree To restore your energy to your soul’s blueprint.

The next essence she has twice daily is Bergenia which flowers in spring in our garden. When just emerging from bud, this flower looks very much like the alveoli in lungs. The main function of alveoli is the exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen in the lungs. This essence helps to oxygenate the entire system. It is also a manifesting essence, helping to breathe life into an idea or project, injecting it with essential oxygen to give it life and energy.


Star Seed Potentials: Poplar Awakening expansion, activating new light codes seeded in your soul.

Our colourful gate sale posies

Rudbekia Marmalade - nature’s awesome design

Summer Solstice Glorious July 2018 Support for all Creatures Bergenia

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We add both essences to her food, and also place a couple of drops of Bergenia essence on her crown chakra every day. Both essences keep her bright eyed and busy tailed – the same old Sasha as we have always known her to be.

What we hope most for all our collies, who are all rescues with different backgrounds, is that we share a life which enables them to live as free spirits and to express their own essence as they wish to without imposing our idea of who or what we feel they should be. They are all very different, with very different characters, which we respect and honour. Read about them all click here at about our border collies.

After the heat of July, August settled in to a cooler weather pattern. Rain was heavy when it came, which was good for the trees, shrubs and flowers to all get a really good deep soaking. Our flowers have remained vibrant in colour, and our flower farm posies and bouquets have been filled with colourful flowers. Each flower holds it own frequency of light, shown to us through its physical colour and its invisible (to the human eye) light matrix. It is this light matrix which is filled with ‘essence code’. Like computer software is programmed in a binary language, so flowers are programmed with a light language. We recognise this code through our very subtle senses, and on the physical level we connect with it through the colour and sacred geometry of nature. I will be expanding on this as part of my new Flower Medicine Ways workshop happening on 6 September in the garden here, surrounded by our flowers. Click on the workshop picture if you want to come along to learn about ancient flower medicine and its relevance for 21st Century life, with practical ways of integrating live flower medicine and flower essences into your work and daily life.

Sasha enjoying a peramble in the sunshine

Nature always know her own timing. The extremely hot weather in the UK from mid June to end July meant many flowers bloomed a whole season much quicker than other years when there has been less heat and intense sunlight. As I write this blog towards the end of August, there is a noticeable change of light around, almost as the wheel of nature is turning towards autumn already. As always, we watch and listen to the flowers and tree here. They are connected to life all over the planet.

In tune with changing light, colour and our dear Sasha, I am guided to share these essences with you this month:

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