For major transitions. Crossing the sacred threshold.

For major change and transition. This essence provides a golden pathway of pure light for those needing to make the transition across the sacred threshold but who are holding on to this life. A river of gold that is like a takeoff strip, showing those who need it a runway to Source and the light path to move them into flight.

Buttercup also offers a burst of gold to awaken the sleeping Soul into life to move forwards/upwards with the intense flow of energy this essence offers. This can be for you to burst into life and wake up from Soul slumber in physical form. Or for those waiting to move on from this life and return to Source energy. A major transition essence. For leaving this world. For the final act of letting go. Pure gold.

Use with: Pink Bells, Clarity, Release, Energy Clearing, Purple Prayer Wheel, Purple Campanula, Apple Blossom Goddess, White Rose, Pink Geranium, Peace Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Petrified Wood

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30ml Stock Essence