Blossom time again! Blossom Essences for April 2018.

April is blossom time in our flower essence garden. Delicate flowers which bloom as if by magic in great profusion from stark branches, the garden comes alive after its long winter sleep with fluffy blossom in many shades of pink and white. Blossom flowers hold immense power despite their gentle appearance.

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Blossom greeting along our driveway

Spring energy offers us the potential to redefine ourselves by moving on from life patterns we no longer resonate with. This is the time of year nature offers her supportive energy to change effortlessly, to spring clean our mind and heart for us to blossom in harmony with our soul. Change is a constant in our lives. Nature embraces change without resistance. When we resist life changes and the expansion we are being called to align with, we become stuck in the mire of old ways. Our energy becomes stagnant and we may begin to feel weighed down, angry, frustrated, heavy, anxious, lose focus, even experience physical discomfort as our mind assumes control, with our body reflecting this rigid resistance.

White Cherry Blossom For purity. Simplicity. For overcomplicated states of mind.

If you have the chance this spring, sit for even a few moments under the canopy of a tree in flower. The energy is something very special.

Crab Apple Blossom

Crab Apple To refresh the heart.

Plum Blossom

Plum Blossom “Plum comfort.” To feel content with life.

Apple Crown

Apple Crown To wear your own crown of authority. For self-confidence.

Apple Blossom Goddess Essences for Imbolc and February 2018 Listening to Nature

The calming energy of Pear Blossom

Our blossom essences help you embrace change gracefully, to move on from stagnant energy patterns easily and to express a new version of yourself with more clearly defined personal boundaries and greater clarity of mind.  Simply click on the essence pics below for full details and to buy.

Apple Blossom Goddess A gentle, blossoming, supportive energy to rise free of ‘sin’ imprinting. Divine blossoming in the Feminine.

Pear Blossom

Pear Blossom Calming. To see the beauty in everything. For when you fee lost in the mire of your mind.

Pink Cherry Blossom

Pink Cherry Blossom Blossoming in time with the seasons. To embrace change effortlessly. Releasing resistance.

Apple Blossom Goddess

A Meditation of Flowers starts 20 April. A morning of blossom wisdom, the Wood Element for Spring, the chance to create your own spring floral design allowing the flowers to intuitively guide you, all in the peaceful setting of my rural garden. Click on the workshop picture for full details, and news about my other flower workshops.

A Meditation of Flowers – new workshop

Blossom arrangement

A gathering of our Spring blossom

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