Blossom Time

My Samsung phone memory is shouting at me all the time for being almost full. I just can’t stop taking pictures of the flower farm at the moment, especially all the blossom. With the warm, dry Spring days and cool nights here in Kent, the blossom has bloomed to her most beautiful.

Blossom flowers always amaze me. Such delicate, intricate blooms, they can survive strong winds and rain, holding on to their trees with thin stems which belie their strength and tenacity. From five petals to multi layers of frilled petticoats around stamens standing proud and acting like tiny antennae for divine wisdom, each blossom flower has her own distinct character and geometry to display. My blossom flowers have presented some powerful energy to share in their essences. Here are just some of the blossom essences I have co created with the blossom trees in the garden:

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Calming. To see the beauty in everything.

Pear Blossom Apple Crown

To stand firm in lightness regardless of chaos around you. For tenacity.

Crab Apple Blossom

Refreshes the heart.

Pink Cherry Blossom

Supreme support through life’s changing seasons.

White Cherry Blossom

For pure, uncomplicated states of mind and being.

Apple Blossom Goddess

Divine blossoming in the Feminine.

Umbrella Cherry

For wearing your own crown of authority. For confidence.

Sitting under a blossom tree in full flower is an awesome experience and touches heart and soul in ways my words cannot do justice to. I find it a beautiful, joyful experience to sit quietly under a canopy of blossom and look up at a blue sky through a sea of blossom flowers. Blessings from nature, indeed.

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Blossom Medicine Wheel: a celebration of life in flowers with Magnolia blossom at the centre, a flower essence for patience and letting go of the need to over control life.

As part of my flower farm work, I created a Blossom Medicine Wheel to celebrate this time of year, and some Blossom Bowls for a ceremony. This expression of my work with flowers brings the spirit and energy of flowers together in unique ways to reflect the very personal intentions of each customer’s requirements.

Working intuitively, the creation of these Blossom Flower Bowls reflected the intentions for a special ceremony:

Umbrella Cherry: standing firm in lightness regardless of what is going on around you

Crab Apple and White Cherry Blossom: To refresh the heart and to lift you into a pure, uncomplicated state of mind

Pear Blossom and Crab Apple: Calmness, reassurance and refreshing the heart

Crab Apple, White Cherry Blossom, Pink Cherry Blossom, Apple Crown: refreshing the heart, purity and simplicity, blossoming in time with the seasons of life, confidence and authority.

All lovely energies to have on a table and as part of a ceremony.

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