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This collection includes our best-selling essence, Light Pink Rose, which featured in our recent appearance as part of The Farmers’ Country Showdown series, currently running on BBC Two at 6.30pm weekdays, with our episode from 1st May still available to watch on BBC iplayer.

Merry Christmas, Abundance and Joy

It’s blossom time once again in our garden. Every spring an avenue of blossom trees welcomes you along our driveway to our flower essence garden and flower farm. This spectacular display is always inspiring to see. Taking time to be with the different blossom trees in flower is something special. Their healing essence came forth to become our Blossom and Roses flower essence collection, which includes blossom from our apple, pear, plum and damson trees too.

Shelley works intuitively with our flowers when creating any posy, bouquet or floral design, to express the healing intelligence of nature. Light Pink Rose has featured in a number of wedding bouquets because its ‘live’ energy and presence as part of the bouquet brings a sense of calm to ease any anxieties or tension the bride may be feeling. Giving the gift of the rose essence as well further supports the bride on her big day.

Here are all the essences featured in our Blossom and Roses Collection. Which picture are you drawn to? Click on the collection to find out the healing signature of your chosen blossom or rose flower essence and to buy.

SheWolf reconnects you to your core of strength, wild instinct, power and magnificence which has become smothered over time. Her essence helps you transcend illusions of fear and control to feel liberated to express your Truth at all times. SheWolf is able to give freely of herself as well as being confident to honour her boundaries, and to keep her personal space when she needs rest, peace and time of her own.  She does this to maintain her absolute energetic balance.

SheWolf is the essence of wild instinct, wild freedom. Thanks mum. What a gift as my first ever essence.

Flowers speak a language our soul understands. You pick up the language of each flower through subtle sacred geometry, through colour, shape, through the energetic signature which may be invisible to your eyes but not to your other senses. Whether aware of it or not, everywhere you go in nature you are ‘reading’ natures words of healing. Perhaps you cannot rationally explain why you are drawn to a tree, a flower, a location. On a soul level, you understand.

Blood SuperMoon

Our magnificent blossom drive.

We were filmed creating a 6m x 3m display of our flowers at the Kent County Show in 2018. Our intention was to create a mini version of our flower farm and the kind of free style floral designs which reflect the healing spirit of flowers that we specialise in. The programme makers included our story with flowers, our work with flower essences and flower therapy too. You can read more about our appearance here (click here to read more).

Our Spring Flower Essences

Shelley being filmed for The Farmers’ Country Showdown.

Sun, Moon and Seasons Light Pink Rose

Our best-selling essence, Light Pink Rose, to help anxiety.

Wedding bouquet featuring Light Pink Rose

One of our Flower Therapy posies, full of the healing essence language of spring flowers, including aquilegia for non judgement, borage to feel lighter and cow parsley for community/connection.

We are instinctively drawn to that which will bring us healing, peace, balance, health, well-being, calm, strength, confidence, courage. Dr Bach stated that flower essences do not give us anything we do not already have. Flowers and all of nature call to remind us of that which we already are – peace, freedom, courage, strength, kindness, love. It is our conditioned, programmed mind sets, adopted by being immersed in the repetitive thought/belief patterns of our ancestors, of society, of religion, which cause us to doubt. Our feelings are our guide to find ourselves again when buried underneath the weight of our mind. Not feeling good, feelings of anxiety, depression, of lack of self-worth, are simply not the thoughts of our pure essence. Flowers and nature hold the true words, a library of wisdom waiting patiently for us to listen and remember the truth of who we are.

Apple Crown

Apple Crown Blossom for confidence and to wear your own crown of authority.

Such is the power and simplicity of looking at a flower and letting the flower itself speak to you. Its essence is the bridge to connect the mind and soul forces to which Dr Bach refers. When in balance, mind and soul create harmony, health and complete wellbeing. In conflict, dis-ease results. Flowers and nature ease the conflict and bridge the wisdom gap humanity is seeking.

This is the reason you are drawn to a flower, to a place in nature. Because you already speak nature’s language of global wellbeing, and you are always seeking balance between mind and soul.

Flowers have the answer.

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