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A bushel crate filled with our colourful flowers at the Kent County Show

As well as being home to the flowers and nature energies which have become our 100 plus flower and vibrational essences, our 2 acre garden is also home to our organic flower farm, where we grow our colourful, vibrant, seasonal British flowers.

Our Spring Flower Essences

A congratulations bouquet, the energy of the flowers include cosmos for inspiration and dahlia to connect with your ‘soul groove’

Sun, Moon and Seasons

Our highly scented roses and sweet peas created a central focus for our Kent County Show display. Sweet Peas hold the essence of joy, and roses present the pure energy of love and divine grace

Just some of our flowers growing this summer. Calendula, sweet peas, achillea, snapdragons, dill, ammi, dahlias and roses.

Katie, our beautiful niece, was our summer solstice bride. Her bouquet also began with a rose, called The Shepherdess – a lovely, soft, peach coloured rose whose energy offers gentle reassurance, much like her name suggests. Joining in with The Shepherdess came scabiosa for unity, sweet peas for joy, alchemilla mollis for intuition and ammi ‘Queen of Africa’ for a great sense of community, expanded vision and coming together.

Different flowers and energies for each bouquet, both blended intuitively, loved by each bride and with the ‘right’ energy for each occasion.

Our Silver Gilt winning flower display measured 6m wide by 3m deep, filled with our seasonal flowers

Blossom and Roses

Our summer bouquets are full of flower wisdom and colour medicine

Our summer has been filled with flowers. Flowers for two family weddings in May and June. Flowers for our Silver Gilt award-winning floral display stand at the Kent County Show in July. Flowers for bouquets and posies for local orders. Flowers for sacred ceremonies. And flowers in seasonal bloom bringing our essences to life for new audiences.

What a joy it was to be asked a year ago to grow the flowers for our nephew’s wedding on 25 May 2019, and then for our niece’s wedding on 22 June 2019, the summer solstice. We began sowing the seeds for both weddings in September 2018. Blue cornflowers and Classic Romantic Cornflowers – in beautiful soft pink shades – were the first seeds to go into our meadow. In October, we started with hesperis,  honesty, plus orlaya grandiflora in the greenouse, with anemones and ranunculus in outside beds, all to be ready for May 2019 and then into June. Sowing and growing with the seasons is a very nourishing soul experience, keeping us in tune with the soul of nature.

A greenhouse full of seedlings growing over winter for our summer weddings

For our nephew’s May wedding, the bride was the very beautiful Tess, and this is her totally seasonal bouquet. Tess wanted her bouquet to be very colourful. The first flower for Tess’s bouquet was the divinely scented Olivia Rose Austin, which holds the essence of calm amidst chaos. How perfect for the bride to have this beautiful energy as her centre of support. Cornflower - a heart centred flower, nigella to close a door on the past and walk into a new future, aquilegia to wear the headdress of wisdom and alchemilla mollis for intuition were just some of the flowers who also presented their essence for Tess in her wedding bouquet.

Tess’s bouquet full of May time seasonal flowers, including Oxeye Daisies from our meadow, their essence takes you to the heart of stillness

Katie’s summer solstice bouquet, in soft shades of ivory scabiosa, lilac sweet peas and peach roses, all highly scented

Following both weddings, we created our floral entry for the Kent County Show, this year choosing our theme as ‘Flower Therapy’, with an invitation to ‘Sit and enjoy a moment of Flower Therapy amongst our flowers.’ We also had a centre piece focusing on our flower essences together with displays of the live flowers from which each essence was created.

Our ‘Flower Therapy’ seating area with our flower essence display in vintage bushel crates – each flower essence bottle had its live flower counterpart in front of it for people to choose the flower they liked the most

The intention was to engage new audiences with flower essences, and with the healing spirit of nature per se. Our colourful flowers called people to our stand with many questions, and many people who knew nothing about the healing power of nature, and flowers specifically, heard and felt the call of the flowers (whether they knew this or not!) and stopped to talk with us about out work. Shelley also gave a talk about Flower Therapy each day in the Garden Life Marquee, which attracted a great deal of interest too.

Colour, colour and more colour for our flower display at the Kent County Show 2019

Working with our flowers to create any arrangement is always a sacred practice. The brides’ bouquets for both family weddings, for example, were each created over 2-3 hours. I (Shelley) begin with a single flower – the flower which calls out as the ‘gathering goddess’ for the rest of the flowers. Once the first flower is in my hand, I begin to feel my way through the garden, through all the flowers growing in season, walking slowly amongst their energies and gathering the rest of the flowers which want to be part of each bouquet. At the end of the journey, I know I have a floral story in my hands sharing wisdom, support, love and joy for the bride to be.

It is the same for any arrangement, from table posies at the weddings, to the flower altar, to local bouquets requested by a neighbour for some of her friends. Each one comes together from a very intuitive place, blended to feel exactly right for the person/occasion. This is what makes our approach with flowers completely unique as we bring the essence language of flowers into every arrangement, being guided by nature to create a ‘live flower essence blend’ which is always bespoke.

To find out more about our flower farm click here and visit our instagram page for Orchard Oast Flowers for lots of floral stories and videos

As a celebration of summer, enjoy these essences which were all created during the summer months (just click on the essence pics for more information and to buy):

The blessings of nature for those who work with nature.

Summer Blessings Orange Rose

Abundance! To know you are born rich.


For inspiration. To see the big picture.


To close a door on the past. The shaman’s flower. A portal of energy.

Ostrich Plume Aster

To laugh, to keep it light!


To have absolute faith in yourself, in what you are doing.


To lift a sad heart to lightness again. For grieving, loss. For a lost childhood.

White Rose

To resolve conflict.

Sweet Pea

For joy.

Seasonal table posies for our May family wedding

The flower altar we created for our summer solstice family wedding, using vintage bushel crates for the structure, decorated with our summer flowers.

A colourful bouquet ready for local delivery