Bertha Bear helps adults

I originally created Bertha Bear’s Magic Mixes as blends of my flower essences for children. I quickly found that adults are drawn to the essence blends – more so than children, to date.

Bear Hugs and Meditation are the most popular. Perhaps it’s a sign of the times.

I use Bertha’s ESP nearly every day at the moment, too. Taking this essence is like having my own personal Star Trek force field around me. Inside the field, I feel untouched by the world around me and ‘at home with myself’, protected and safe too. As someone who is acutely sensitive to the energies of others and the environment, this essence is the perfect shield for all that.

Grown Ups have been drawn to Bertha’s essences in the way I invite everyone to choose from the essence shop, which is to click on the picture calling to you, then choose by the image or flower you most resonate with.

Choosing one of Bertha Bear’s Magic Mixes couldn’t be simpler. Click here and then choose which colour sings to you. When you click through to read about the blend, remember to read about each flower essence which makes up the blend by clicking on the individual flowers next to ‘Contains’.

Bertha Bear is a character from a new story book of mine, due out later this year. In the story, Bertha is an Energy Medicine Shaman Mother Bear who works with the spirit of nature and makes her own flower essences – her Magic Mixes. She always wears three feathers tucked behind her ear: Eagle, Crow and Hawk. Bertha has been sensitively illustrated by Stephanie Wood who has beautifully brought my idea of Bertha Bear to life. Bertha and I have a lot in common really – apart from the fur!

Bertha Bear’s Magic Mixes speak for themselves with these names.

Which one calls to you?

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