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Autumn has arrived in our flower essence garden with an abundance of rich reds, warm orange tones and all shades of yellow. Our garden is also home to our flower farm, growing seasonal British flowers with the help of the nature spirits here. There is still a rainbow of colour on our flower farm which gives us a glorious palette to choose from for September floral designs, bouquets, posies and more.

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Our garden guided us to create flower essences and then to begin our flower farm to bring the wisdom, spirit and energy of flowers and nature alive for people to engage with in new ways. We feel blessed to enjoy our sacred space, our 2 acres of natural beauty on planet Earth complete with orchard, pond, wildflower meadow, hedgerow, trees, grasses and now an abundance of colourful British flowers through the seasons to create with, and to celebrate the seasons here in the UK.

For the Autumn Equinox, we celebrated the abundance of nature by enjoying a day of quiet reflection in the garden. Taking time out to review and acknowledge what has been achieved in the last quarter turn of the year has become an important part of our year. It is all too easy to plough on through the year without pausing to appreciate what has happened, and to work with the seasons to ‘do as nature does’ – which in Autumn, is to let go of that which is no longer needed and to celebrate the harvest and all the good stuff, setting seeds of potential aside for the Winter rest.

The day also involved a medicine walk around the garden, gathering flowers, seeds, berries and fruits to create a celebration of nature in a floral design. With roses, rose hips, zinnias, crab apples, maple leaves, beech, oak, snapdragons, rudbeckia, cosmos, hops and more, this was the result:

Blood SuperMoon

Blood SuperMoon For travelling way beyond current perceptions of reality. Created under a September Blood SuperMoon.


Sunflower To know absolutely that anything is possible. To feel unshakeable belief.

Rose Hip

Rose Hip Breathe easy. A steady sense of ease.

Summer Solstice Glorious July 2018

All these flower essences are present in this one small, seasonal jam jar gathering. Click on the picture to be taken to Our Garden Flowers Essence page.

I believe, or rather I know, nature will have the final say. Nature is in charge, despite what we may think. We have already seen this in recent decades on our planet with more and more people hearing the inner call to take care of nature, to work with her and to find ways to stop taking and destroying natural resources. Nature has spoken in her defence with volcanic eruptions, storms, floods, droughts. When we unbalance the energetic ecosystem in one part of the planet, everywhere is affected. And nature must reply to create balance. So she does.

Celebrating Sasha

Autumn shades on our flower farm.

September jam jar, all flowers and greenery growing on our flower farm and in the garden.

Our Autumn Equinox floral celebration.

International Essence Awareness Week ran in mid September, organised by the British Flower snd Vibrational Essence Association Intended to create wide spread awareness of the power and potential of all kinds of essences from all around the world, we joined in this week through our social media channels.

Our Garden Flowers

From Snapdragon to lift a sad heart to lightness, to Ostrich Plume Aster to laugh again and Calendula to feel ‘ahhh that’s better’, every floral design created with our flowers holds special meaning and is created with love and purposeful intention for each individual recipient, or as a theme for each floral occasion we design for.

Essences are an invaluable medicine for today’s chaotic and disconnected world, and by ‘medicine’ we mean that which connects you with the Great Spirit of nature and with your own essence. Essences are the energetic imprints of nature, and bring you resonant reminders of peace, courage, love, and the natural wisdom residing deep within your soul. Dr Bach believed that all dis-ease was the result of conflict between the mind and the soul forces. Today’s world may appear to be entangled in too much ‘head space’, but the desire for peace and freedom held within the soul always calls to us. Nature is so abundant on our planet, her library of healing wisdom present in every flower, tree, plant, grass, rock, river, ocean, animal and insect, the healing we seek is simply to spend time in nature - and we will remember. And if we cannot be in the place of nature our soul desires for healing, this is where essences come in to their own, bringing nature to us.

All these flowers grow on our flower farm as part of the library of nature here.


How the fox got her gloves cover: Bringing nature’s wisdom alive through story telling. Click on the picture of the book for full details.

I have learnt to speak nature’s healing language and how to read from her library of wisdom for reasons that I am just beginning to realise, and to act on. My study of the nature on our doorstep through the creation of our essences all within our 2 acres is part of this. As is the creation of our flower farm here. A bigger picture is emerging, which is exciting and awesome to be part of. Essences from all over the world have brought us to this point, and continue to expand our horizons to see new ideas and visions to breathe life into. Imagine what they can do, or are doing already, for you. And what nature does for all of us, every day. The power and potential of our future, lives and breathes in nature. We just have to listen, connect and act - with the help of essences. Below is our essence selection for September:

Ostrich Plume Aster

Ostrich Plume Aster The laughing flower. To lighten things up.

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