To live your life from a state of fullness and natural abundance.

Abundance means ‘lots of’. Abundance in whatever way you desire it is not ‘out there’ to achieve, reach or strive for. You are already everything you seek to be. You are already abundant.

This combination essence helps you feel the frequency of your own innate abundance beyond the deeply ingrained patterns of thought and behaviour which focus on fear and lack, adopted from your ancestors, from society, and from belief structures in mass consciousness. It helps you step off the hamster wheel of repetitive thinking which manifests ‘the same old same old’ to live your life from a state of fullness and natural abundance. A blend of 9 essences to help close a door on the past, to know absolutely that anything is possible, to kick start a new journey, to be open to receive, to maintain forward momentum, to feel inspired, to dissolve ancient patterns of lack, and to remind you of the abundant frequency where you belong.

Click on each flower name below to read about the amazing flower essence wisdom in this blend.

Contains: Bergenia, Cosmos, Holly Solstice Abundance, Nigella, Purple Rhododendron, Maple Flower, Orange Rose, Sunflower, White Campion

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