We live in rural Kent with organic gardens tended by nature spirits, border collies and ducks. It is a sanctuary of peace and magic, surrounded by hundreds of acres of farmland and ancient woodland. The whole area is a place of outstanding natural beauty, which we explore and enjoy daily in all seasons through long walks with our border collies.

As well as producing our flower and vibrational essences, we grow British seasonal flowers and are members of Flowers from the Farm, the UK network of British flower growers and flower farmers dedicated to growing seasonal, British flowers, as organically as possible. Our collective aim is also to re-educate people about the flowers they buy and where they come from (90% of all flowers sold in the UK are imported and heavily treated with chemicals), teaching people to understand that the provenance of their flowers impacts the planet as much as the provenance and treatment of the food they buy. Locally grown, locally sourced flowers grown by people who care, who are using sustainable methods in tune with nature, influences planetary biodiversity as well. Click here for more information about our flower farming.

We work in direct partnership with Nature on every aspect of co-creating our essences and on how we grow our flowers, what we sow and when, as well as where we plant in the garden. This conscious relationship with the timeless wisdom of Nature flows into each and every essence we create. Our essences share galactic tones, sacred geometry, ancient wisdom and stellar frequencies through the intelligent healing language of the garden flowers, wild flowers, trees and all of Nature around us. Their translations take you to the essence* of yourself. A journey which leads you from the mundane, heavy and limited view of physical life on Earth to remember the majestic, Divine and fully empowered presence that is the very essence of life itself.

In 2020 we set up The Flower Therapy Foundation, offering information and education to understand the essential connection between humans and the spirit of flowers and nature, and the importance of this connection for the present and future well-being of ourselves and our planet. Click on our logo for more information.

Our border collies have been part of every essence created one way or another, and you'll meet them as you look through all that we create at The Energy Centre.

* Essence: spirit, real meaning, fundamental nature, heart, core, quintessence.

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