I have worked with essences from around the world for over 27 years, and been creating them myself since 2003.

When first introduced to flower essences, Ian and I were undergoing fertility treatment. After 3 IVF attempts, a friend suggested I try some Australian Bush Flower Essences. The concept of essences was extremely challenging to me at the time, as was anything other than traditional science and medicine. Having a degree in science and a business career in London Advertising Agencies, my mind was not open to things it deemed to be weird and wacky.

The introduction to essences coincided with a visit to some friends in Hong Kong who suggested we try Traditional Chinese Medicine. Understanding energy as a scientist, I was immediately curious about energy moving in the body through lines called meridians. I began to read books about Chinese Medicine, and about essences, and a spark of interest quickly became a flame of passion. I had discovered the thing in life that made me hungry to learn all I could, and eager to explore things I had previously considered well outside my comfort zone.

I studied a 2 year Vibrational Medicine Diploma with Clare Harvey (world expert on essences and author of The Encyclopaedia of Flower Remedies and other books), with in depth study of over 30 essence ranges including the Wild Earth Animal Essences, Alaskan Essences, Pacific Essences, Petites Fleur Essences, Perelandra Essences, Australian Bush Flower Essences and the Living Essences of Australia, Korte Phi Essences, the FES range and the Bach Flower Healing Herbs remedies. I went on to set up my own consulting practice, and a retreat and teaching centre, developing my unique style of life and soul coaching with vibrational essences which I called The Essence of Life.

I have spent the last 27 years meeting and studying the work of many of the world’s great spiritual teachers, essence producers and scientific/energy medicine pioneers. I’m passionate about essences, mind body science, the quantum nature of reality and the true essence of life. I have worked with clients of all ages, recommending essences for all sorts of reasons, for humans and animals alike, as well as for the home, workplace and the environment.

I love teaching and sharing all that I learn, and have been privileged to run my own courses and workshops for many years as well as be invited to speak around the world about my own take on essences and their importance for our world and the future of life on Earth.

As well as producing flower essences, I am a flower farmer growing British seasonal, organic flowers and creator of natural floral designs for all sorts of occasions. Also co-founder of The Flower Therapy Foundation and writer of children’s stories about the wisdom of nature with animals as the stars.

Shelley Sishton BSc Hons. Dip Vib Med. ITEC.


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